jepara indonesia furniture – Have you ever wondered why some of us really like the minimalist design of wooden furniture? While others tend to want a more elegant and super grand design, such as a king’s chair. Your shared interests with other people can lead to ongoing trends. 

However, choosing certain wooden furniture designs, such as geometric shapes, is so close to our psychology. It turns out that we don’t only enjoy the function of the wooden furniture in our homes, offices, or public places that we often visit. We also look for an aesthetic view that makes us end up choosing the same design or shape and color over and over again. 

You can also provide wooden furniture with particular designs and colors at home. The design reference could be the same as hundreds of other people out there. Sometimes even though it’s not a trend, the design can capture your interest. Like when you enjoy the view in a cafe where there is a square wooden coffee table with thin table legs that curve upwards to seem to support the bottom of it. 

Then there are wooden lounge chairs on the beach which are so comfortable when you lean back because of the backrest and seat. The wood that craftsmen use as raw material doesn’t hurt your skin at all when it rubs against each other. 

Free Standing Wooden Furniture

Free-standing wooden furniture designs are currently rotating quite quickly on the market. This wooden furniture for home and office always comes in complete construction form. The size is usually quite large and we cannot fold or disassemble it. 

People will feel satisfied if they find a light brown rectangular wooden coffee table design with natural teak wood lines all over the surface. They will be happy to place it in the living room for all guests to see. Psychologically, the rectangular shape you choose will make you look like someone who has a meticulous arrangement. 

Then some people feel good if they have a custom teak wood bed with a contemporary minimalist design with a storage compartment at the bottom. The sage green color which was trending at that time became the color of choice for those who like peace and tranquility. 

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Loose and Moveable Wooden Furniture Design

Loose and moveable wooden furniture such as folding tables or chairs is a design solution that adapts to the needs of modern society. The terms that emerge are multifunctional and mobile wooden furniture. We can fold wooden tables or chairs for certain occasions such as after eating in a small room. 

Then there are wooden chairs without legs which have a backrest for the concept of sitting on the floor but not touching the floor directly. This chair will also complement a low table for Japanese-style tea parties or Korean-style dining together. The sizes of this flexible chair and table vary greatly. 

Large square, round, or rectangular folding tables are for banquet tables when inviting many people. Bronze, burgundy, or black are the colors that people often choose for folding tables or chairs. All types of folding wooden furniture depict those who are flexible, always mobile and don’t want to miss any valuable opportunities before their eyes. 

So, if you are the ones who need professional help to determine the best and proper designs for your wooden furniture, you’d better contact us now. We will be your partner in deciding everything that suits your wish and condition.