indonesia teak furniture – You must have seen houses in Middle Eastern countries where the roofs don’t have tiles and the shape of the house is square. All of this has the function of making the temperature in the house more stable during the day and night. Many architectures in tropical countries also adapt Middle Eastern house concepts. They try to adapt to current design trends by adding an eye-catching facade with a roof that has a certain slope.

Falling rain will not hinder the house because the sloping roof will make it easier for water to flow down evenly. Homeowners with this Middle Eastern house concept also like to use wooden furniture as part of their interior. They realized that wooden furniture would be able to blend with the concept of their house. Then they start looking for a type of wood that is sturdy, attractive, easy to care for, and resistant to all conditions. 

Only teak wood meets all the criteria that we need. Wood from the hardwood group is popular worldwide. Craftsmen like to use teak wood as their mainstay furniture. When it becomes a table, chair, cupboard, bed, or cabinet, this material can defend itself from termite attacks. That’s why teak wood furniture can last for decades. Then, teak wood furniture designs vary too. You can make typical wooden furniture for your home interior using this reliable wood material. 

What Wooden Furniture Can You Put in a Walk-in Closet
What Wooden Furniture Can You Put in a Walk-in Closet

Long Relaxing Wooden Bench in a Middle Eastern Interior 

Middle Eastern people have a body size that is taller and bigger than the body size of people all over the world. That’s why they always have a long lounge chair in their house. They usually place chairs with backseats and soft cushions in the front yard, living room, and back yard. 

They will immediately lean their bodies on a lounging chair when they are returning home from business. Then his wife will serve food and drink to quench his thirst on the banquet table. So, you can take inspiration from their lounge chairs and table designs. A long lounge chair with a backrest is suitable for Middle Eastern houses that have a square shape. 

You can also add a teak wood footrest with soft cushions on top if you need even more relaxing conditions. Meanwhile, you can modify the banquet table with a wide round coffee table with a contemporary design. Don’t forget to add a console table in front of the entrance to place several photos, flower vases, or displays to welcome the guests. Then a mirror with a bronze wooden frame can also be an ornament on the console table.

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Teak Wood Bed with Jepara Carvings

Wooden beds are also wooden furniture inside Middle Eastern Homes. A teak wood bed with short legs and Jepara carvings on the head is suitable as part of the bedroom interior. The blackish-brown color on all sides of the bed will give a real Middle Eastern touch. You can also add silk fabric to the head of the bed. 

Then next to the bed, there is a nightstand with a matching color. Meanwhile, a large cream-colored cabinet with Jepara carvings on the doors will decorate the room and create a beautiful contrast.

Well, if you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture in a Middle Eastern taste, you can contact us. We will form a special team to complete your order.