teak garden furniture – Wooden stilt houses are a symbol of the uniqueness of traditional houses in almost all countries in Southeast Asia. Traditional Thai houses also have the form of houses on stilts with lots of wooden hardware, roofs that taper upwards which are good for high rainfall, high floors, and wide open terraces. Residents can usually move these modular stilt houses together to the area they need. However, people currently have built the modular Thai house concept to stay in one area only.

Meanwhile, to adopt the current concept of wooden houses on stilts, people like to decorate their interiors with wooden furniture. The wood they choose must be sturdy, resistant to any conditions, termite-proof, and have elements of traditional beauty.

Teak wood is suitable as a furniture material for this Thai modular house. You can contact a professional craftsman to make custom wooden furniture that suits your interior design ideas. What you will arrange in the interior of this wooden stilt house will not be monotonous because of the differences in design and the best colors. 

Outdoor Furniture Which One is the Best
Outdoor Furniture Which One is the Best

Wooden Banquet Tables

A spacious terrace with a view of the grass garden is the hallmark of a Thai modular wooden stilt house. They like to gather people on the terrace and chat for whatever length of time. The homeowner will usually provide a wooden banquet table where the guests will sit on the wooden floor to eat any kind of dishes. This teak wood table has various sizes.

People use the small tables to eat or study alone. It is practical since they can fold and carry it easily everywhere. While medium to long-sized tables are for banquet tables during certain occasions or ceremonies. You will see beautiful carvings along the side of the table. Besides that, many wooden furniture buyers now are looking for Jepara carvings from Indonesia. People around the world love this carving because of its neatness and beautiful curves. 

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Vintage Wooden Ethnic Cupboard

You can give it a beautiful ornament in the form of a vintage wooden cupboard with a charming shabby color to create a modern traditional vibe in the bedroom. This teak wood wardrobe has a general design like a common wardrobe inside the bedroom. However, what is special is the choice of color and finishing of the furniture.

You can choose fresh green leaves whose color is slightly lower than the original one. Try to highlight the natural wood strokes on the surface. If necessary, you can add a touch of brown wood color to the streaks. Don’t forget to provide a metal door handle with a golden color which makes it look even more vintage. 

Next to the cupboard, you can also add a wooden dressing table with a matching color. Complete the table with a fairly large mirror that has a stepped teak wood frame with a tip like a queen’s crown. Then the bottom has some drawers that you will fill with personal items. 

Well, if you find a difficult to apply the design of wooden furniture in your mind to reality, you can contact us. We’re ready anytime to guide you to decorate your modular Thai house with beautiful carvings and wooden furniture as you wish.