In the midst of teak furniture invasion, elm cabinets are not so popular. But who would have thought that elm wood or pengkih is one of the strongest materials that can be used as an alternative to teak wood.

Elm wood also known as dardar wood or pengkih is a hardwood that grows in Central Asia. While in Indonesia, the most commonly found species of pengkih is Sumatera pengkih. This wood is often used by the Karo Bayak tribe as a house building material.

Elm Wood, a Superior Solid Wood

Apart from being used as a building material for houses, solid wood such as elm wood and teak wood is also often used as a material for making furniture. This is because solid wood has its own advantages over other types of wood. These advantages can be seen from the characteristics and colors produced.

Solid wood patterns also look attractive and can be enjoyed by all people as a basic material for home furniture. Elm wood, for example, has a dark brown color with prominent red and golden tones so that elm wood furniture seems premium.

Elm wood itself has a strength quality at level IV with a durability level at position III. This makes elm wood furniture such as elm cabinets not suitable to be placed in places with high humidity because they are vulnerable to insect attacks. So, it’s best to place your elm cabinet in a dry place.

Advantages of Elm Cabinets

elm cabinets

A wood material from the elm tree that is known for its strength and durability, elm cabinets have a number of advantages. These advantages are what make it chosen as an alternative to teak wood.

1. Timeless Beauty and Aesthetics

Elm wood has a natural color of light brown to dark brown, even occasionally revealing red and golden hues. The rich, warm tones and unique grain patterns result in a visually appealing finish.

The charming mix of straight and swirling patterns produces visually appealing textures that can enhance the aesthetics of a space. Because of its inherent beauty and bold wood feel, elm wood is often chosen as a furniture and cabinet material.

2. Easy to Shape

Another advantage of elm wood is that it is easy to shape or bend in the production process. Furniture that uses elm wood material is able to maintain its shape for a long time. This makes elm wood furniture or cabinets rarely change their shape over time.

3. Very Strong Durability

As one of the solid woods, elm wood offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear. Its density allows elm cabinets to last for years, and it can even be a long-term investment.

This is what makes elm wood an ideal alternative to teak wood and suitable for furniture that can withstand daily use. If you are looking for residential furniture material as well as an investment for the next generation, elm wood furniture can be the right choice.

4. Not Easy to Crack

One of the concerns of homeowners when choosing a cabinet is that wood materials are prone to cracking, especially after age. However, you don’t need to worry about this when you use elm wood furniture. The reason is, elm wood is known to be resistant to splitting so it is suitable as furniture in various environmental conditions.

Elm wood has an interlocking fiber pattern so the level of structural integrity is quite high. This fiber pattern makes it resistant to cracks or splits even in extreme environments. These characteristics make elm wood a good choice for high-use furniture.

5. Easy and Practical Maintenance

Elm wood offers easy and minimal maintenance. This further adds to its appeal as home furniture. You just need to dust regularly and occasionally polish it with a special wood cleaner to maintain its natural beauty.

Elm cabinets also tend to age gracefully so just apply the right finishing to add the character. Its charm is timeless and will enhance the aesthetics of any style of room.

6. Stylish and Versatile Design

Apart from being crack-resistant, elm wood grain has unique patterns and warm colors that easily blend with various interior styles.

Both traditional and contemporary interiors will look perfect with the addition of an elm wood cabinet. Elm wood cabinets are also considered capable of providing a touch of natural elegance in any room.

7. High Comfort and Stability

Elm wood cabinets not only offer an aesthetic appearance, but also comfort and stability. The sturdy wood ensures that the cabinet is durable and load-bearing, while the smooth surface adds to the overall comfort.

Elm cabinets are a comfortable and visually appealing furniture solution for offices, homes, kitchens and other places. The presence of this elm wood cabinet will increase the aesthetic value of the residence in the eyes of buyers.

8. Eco-Friendly and Renewable

Like other types of wood, elm wood furniture is also a naturally renewable resource, unlike furniture made from petroleum products. Elm wood cabinet is an ideal choice for those of you who want to use safe and environmentally friendly products.

9. Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of this elm wood furniture can be done easily and cheaply. Just by applying varnish or sanding the panel, the cabinet will look like new again. So, there is no need to replace all parts of the cabinet when it is scratched or there are stubborn stains.

Yes, the elm solid wood cabinet is considered easier to repair by re-coating the scratches so that the maintenance cost is much cheaper.

Disadvantages of Elm Cabinet Furniture

The elm wood cabinet has several drawbacks that could potentially discourage consumers from using it. However, the following shortcomings of elm wood cabinets are actually quite easy to avoid.

1. Relatively Expensive Price

Cabinets made from solid wood tend to be more expensive than cabinets made from other materials such as polywood, particle board and laminate. The reason why solid wood materials such as elm wood are more expensive is because of their durability and high quality. Also, the characteristics of the pattern make this material suitable for luxury residences.

2. Need Patience to Take Care of It

Although elm wood is a strong and crack-resistant solid wood, it does not mean that elm wood cabinets do not require maintenance. A solid wood cabinet must still be treated so that it can last a long time and its beauty does not fade.

Avoid choosing wood surface cleaning agents so as not to leave marks or fade the color. Also, use a soft cleaning cloth so as not to damage the wood grain.

3. Susceptible to Water Damage

It is common knowledge that wood is sensitive to moisture, including elm cabinets. The moisture content inside solid wood also fluctuates, expanding and contracting depending on climate changes. That’s why there are instances of cabinets warping over time.

But you don’t have to worry about this problem. Simply use a high-quality veneer or laminate all sides of the cabinet to reduce the impact of humidity on the cabinet.

4. Potential Termite Infestation

Termites are naturally attracted to wood materials, including solid wood materials. Although solid wood such as elm tends to be resistant to termites, if you choose the wrong elm cabinet product, the potential for termite infestation can still occur. This usually happens to cabinets made from elm wood or young teak wood.

Young elm wood does not yet have tight wood fibers, making it vulnerable to humidity and termite infestation. To overcome this, you can apply termite repellent or call a local pest control company.

Elm Cabinets for a Classier Home

Despite its advantages and disadvantages, elm cabinets still have their own uniqueness that makes them able to increase the value of a home. The durability of this material makes it able to last for decades so that you can pass it on to the next generation.

In addition, its distinctive appearance can make the room look more exclusive and classy. So it is natural that many traditional or classic homes use solid wood furniture such as elm wood.

You can place the versatile elm cabinet in the kitchen, living room, or in other rooms. Apart from being used as a cabinet material, elm wood is also often used as a material for making the following items:

  • Cutting board
  • Chairs
  • Baskets, chests or barrels
  • Hockey sticks
  • Crossbows
  • Tool holder
  • Musical instruments
  • Wall and ceiling coverings
  • Decorative objects

Where can Elm Cabinets be Placed?

Elm wood is a solid wood with a classic appearance, so you will have no trouble placing this furniture in any room. However, there are some residential styles that will have more character when you add elm cabinets to it. What are these residential styles? Here are some examples.

  • Traditional Residence

Traditional Javanese residences such as joglo or limasan houses are very suitable to be decorated with natural materials, including elm wood cabinets. The presence of an elm cabinet will add a warm impression to the house and increase its aesthetic impression. Combine the elm cabinet with solid wood chairs and tables and the natural look of the room will feel even stronger.

  • Classic French Residence

For those of you who like French house or American house style, there is nothing wrong with adding an elm wood cabinet to the room. This cabinet will give the room more character while warming up the room. The appearance of the natural wood grain makes the impression of the countryside in France even more pronounced.

  • Eclectic Living

An eclectic home that combines several interior styles into one is also the perfect space for an elm cabinet. The eclectic style that tends to be free will be more colorful with the addition of wood tones from the elm cabinet.

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