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In 1999, our journey in outdoor furniture began with the vision of my father. Republic Furniture Group, a family-owned company now in its second generation, was established 24 years ago. In 2011, driven by a new spirit, Dodik and his two brothers joined forces to launch Republic Furniture, building upon the expertise passed down through generations. With an extended family heritage in outdoor furniture, we take pride in crafting high-quality pieces and exquisite designs that resonate globally, catering to hotel projects, wholesalers, and retailers.

Through years of dedication and growth, our humble beginnings have evolved into a thriving enterprise, expanding our reach to customers in over 35 countries. Our commitment to excellence is supported by our passionate team of skilled artisans who drive our success across multiple divisions, focusing on producing exceptional teak outdoor furniture. As we continue to evolve, Republic Furniture has expanded its business scope to include a dynamic lighting division, broadening our creative horizons.

Dodik Ikhwanto – CEO

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25 containers every month delivered to all our loyal customers

Republic Furniture Group until now has been placing cooperation and partnering with several countries from Europe, Australia, America, Middle East and Asia. From the greater collaboration with these countries certainly make Republic Furniture Group increases the amount of the proceeds of its products each year.

With this collaboration Republic Furniture Group was able to expand the factory to maximize the production process. Each year the Republic Furniture Group increased the number of production that aims to be more partnering with countries around the world.