Introduce to 7 Popular Woods from Indonesia

Introduce to 7 Popular Woods from Indonesia

Indonesia has a tropical climate and an archipelagic area with numerous forests that are still alive. Of course, with its large lush green regions, Indonesia offers numerous varied wood species of reasonably high quality that are well-known around the world. Then, what types of popular woods from Indonesia? Here are seven different varieties of Indonesian […]

Wooden Home Furniture

Wooden home furniture is always an exclusive and elegant choice to decorate your home. A house without furniture is certainly missing something, considering that it has become a basic tool. Everything is aimed at the comfort of the residents of the house, that’s why everything is arranged according to individual tastes. All elements of home […]

10+ Teak Indoor Furniture from Indonesia Manufacturer

teak Indoor furniture republic

There are many choices of materials that can be used as furniture in the house. Selecting Teak indoor furniture is one of the suitable selections because there are fewer challenges that must be faced when you have to take care of it. One of them is by using indoor furniture. It is furniture that on […]

Solid Wood Office Furniture

Solid Wood Office Furniture sets are an alternative to fill an office space as a means of supporting daily activities. The following will explain the various advantages of using wood office furniture, because maybe not much is known about it. This is important, because every professional who owns and manages a business from his office, […]

Teak Chaise Lounge Furniture

Lounge Furniture will certainly be more comfortable when filled with the right furniture, one of which is chaise lounge furniture. In a modern room, chaise lounge furniture becomes one of the important elements, it can even always be in the room, because its function can meet the need to relax and relax. Lounge furniture decoration […]

Contemporary Teak Living Room Furniture

Teak Living Room Furniture, the best teak wood decoration in your family room, makes the room feel more alive and has energy, so that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Modern style and contemporary style, featuring furniture from teak wood, show a strong impression in the family room which also includes connecting as a living […]

Teak Kitchen Furniture

A house certainly requires several important elements as the completeness of the house, including kitchen furniture. Because of the diversity of types and models of houses, it also affects the shape, size and model of the kitchen, including the choice of furniture. Even contemporary models can use the outdoor as the basis for making its […]

Teak Bedroom Furniture Sets

Teak Bedroom Furniture from Indonesia is well-known for its solid materials, for its diverse models and styles, vintage models with lots of distinctive carvings to minimalist modern-style beds. Teak wood is indeed very well known for its quality as the number one raw material for furniture, has many advantages, plus its appearance is also very […]

Teak Bathroom Furniture from Indonesia

Teak bathroom furniture equipment gives its own feel to the interior of the house An exclusive impression will emerge when choosing teak wood as part of teak indoor furniture with the same nuance. The addition of accessories for the bathroom include a very functional teak shower bench. Its use is very helpful for bathroom users […]

10+ Indonesia Teak Outdoor Furniture Best Manufacturer

Teak outdoor furniture

Buying suitable furniture for the house needs sufficient information. If you want to use teak furniture for the outdoor area of your home, there are some tips to know before buying outdoor teak furniture. It helps you to select the most suitable furniture that meets your expectation. If you want to get more details about […]