As the times improve, people start to consider their outdoor decoration to be a comfortable and safe place to relax. Indonesia outdoor furniture has become the main consideration for people around the world to fulfill their outdoor decorationhut needs.

Especially for Indonesia teak furniture, its popularity has been recognized internationally and cannot be underestimated. This teak wood furniture has even existed among the middle class since the colonial era, and is predicted to be an all-time building decoration trend around the world.

So, is there any other reason why wooden furniture from Indonesia is the best choice? Keep reading for more information until the end.

The Main Guarantee of Choosing Indonesia Outdoor Furniture

Guarantee is the most important consideration in choosing furniture, whether it is for a landed house or for a commercial building. The following two things can be a guarantee when you choose Indonesia outdoor furniture.

1.     Quality Solid Wood Material

Generally, Indonesia outdoor furniture ordered abroad comes from Java Island. Java Island is a province or region of Indonesia that excels in furniture production because of its teak wood quality.

Teak wood is one of the main raw materials in the Indonesian furniture industry known as solid wood with many advantages, such as:

  • It has good resistance to weather and insect attacks.
  • Durable and long-lasting, yet easy to produce into various furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, and so on.
  • Smoothly textured with beautiful and attractive natural motifs.
  • Flexible to be placed in various outdoor areas.
  • High selling value as an investment.

The quality is maintained since teak wood is planted. Yes, Indonesian teak wood production has strict regulations. This means that Indonesian outdoor furniture manufacturers who have integrity and want to provide the best service only use teak wood from forests that have official and legal management letters. Be it natural forests, conservation areas, Perum Perhutani forests, or industrial plantations.

To maintain customer trust, these manufacturers register for SVLK certification that ensures the source of the wood they use is truly guaranteed and maintains the sustainability of the forest ecosystem.

2.     Skilled Indonesian Craftsmen

Besides being famous for the quality of wood that is guaranteed to be durable and environmentally friendly, the skills of Indonesian furniture craftsmen can fulfill various customer wants and needs. These craftsmen come from Jepara, a city on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Furniture products in Jepara or known as Jepara furniture are decorations made with very strong construction. Making each furniture product sturdy and has high durability.

In the beginning, the art of Jepara carving was pioneered in the 7th century for the manufacture of traditional houses and ships. The carving industry then developed starting from the 19th century into a furniture industry that is characterized by Jepara carving.

As demand increased, Jepara became an influential industrial center in Indonesia with sales up to an international scale.

Flexible and Functional Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Design

The Jepara furniture industry continues to evolve with the times. Outdoor furniture is one of the most popular products. The main reason is because of its varied designs and flexibility when placed in various rooms. Here’s a detailed explanation.

1.     Design Variations

Indonesia offers a wide variety of teak wood furniture designs that combine traditional and modern elements. Traditional designs can be seen in the distinctive carvings and artistic details that reflect Indonesian culture and history, such as geometric motifs and natural patterns.

The modern touch can be seen in the furniture models that tend to be minimalist and functional as in the following examples.

  • Modular outdoor sofa with removable cushions and sturdy teak frame
  • Smooth surface flat table with rectangular table legs
  • Dining table and chair set with simple shape and natural finishing
  • Multifunctional corner bench

2.     Ease of Customization

The variety of designs that are very diverse makes outdoor furniture from Indonesia can be adjusted to the theme of the room and the size of the building. So that the existing sofa, chair, and table models can be configured to meet the expected ideal standards.

With this flexible placement, the functionality of the furniture remains maximized and aesthetically valuable. So that it is in accordance with today’s modern lifestyle.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

The selection of the right furniture must be adjusted based on the characteristics of the room, which are terrace and balcony spaces, semi-outdoor spaces, and garden and backyard spaces. Here are the guidelines for you to choose the right furniture.

1.     Terrace and Balcony

Teak outdoor furniture does not make the terrace and balcony space cramped, as long as the shape is slim with small legs. Prioritize functionality and choose a minimalist design to make the space seem more spacious.

Choosing chairs with soft cushions can also increase comfort without sacrificing space. Avoid furniture with unnecessary ornaments such as decorative pillows. Just use the cushion on the chair as well as the aluminum.

However, to maintain aesthetics, the aluminum part is given a finish that blends with the design and has anti-corrosion capabilities.

The cushion part is the same. Because it is placed outdoors, make sure it is made of waterproof material. Color selection also needs to be considered. Avoid bold colors, but bright colors, such as blue and green. Add additional lighting (ambient) on the ceiling to mine the cozy impression.

2.     Semi-Outdoor Spaces

For a stunning finish to an outdoor space that is connected to an indoor space, pay attention to the raw materials and finishes chosen.

Choose outdoor furniture that has the same concept as indoor furniture. If not the same, make sure the furniture elements have a harmonious impression. For example, the connected indoor space has a sofa full of blue cushions. Then choose outdoor furniture with similar colored cushions.

In addition to a harmonious style, use quality raw materials. Teak wood is the best choice. It is resistant to weather, UV rays, water, and insects. In addition, teak is easy to maintain and more waterproof than other high-maintenance woods.

The addition of padding can make teak wood benches more comfortable. Although the location is close to an indoor space, look for bench pads made of materials that can withstand rainwater as well as hot sunlight. In order not to seem crowded and cluttered, choose neutral cushion colors.

For the style of furniture, adjust according to taste. A sofa set with a coffee table can create a cozy conversation space.

3.     Garden, Backyard, Swimming Pool

Gardens, backyards and swimming pools are ideal places to enjoy leisure and relaxation. So, the focus of the furniture function is on the enjoyment of looking at the garden view and enjoying the fresh air.

Teak wood furniture with natural motifs can give a natural impression that is suitable for gardens and backyards. For style, choose furniture with a simple yet elegant design.

As for the swimming pool, we recommend adding a chaise lounge for sunbathing and relaxing after swimming. However, pay attention to the aluminum part. Make sure it is coated with powder coating anti chlorine and anti salt-water. With a color finish that is adjusted to match the brown color of the teak wood material on the chaise lounge.

Here we summarize into a table for easy comparison.

Terrace and Balcony Semi-Outdoor Spaces Garden  and Backyard
·      In light teak wood

·      Minimalist and sleek furniture style

·      Chairs can be stacked

·      Light-colored cushion fabric

·      Teak wood with a soft, easy-to-clean surface

·      Geometric-based contemporary furniture style, harmonizing with the indoor space furniture

·      Sofa and coffee table

·      Neutral colored cushions

·      UV-resistant, water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, oxidation-resistant teak wood

·      Sofa with thick cushion

·      Chaise lounge with powder coating finish on aluminum

From the three specifications that we mentioned, there are similarities that can be used as a guideline in choosing Indonesian furniture for your outdoor area, which is the use of teak wood.

Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak wood has a much more perfect durability than ordinary wood. Therefore, teak furniture is sold at a high price that is comparable to the quality offered. One of them is easy to maintain.

  • To clean the dirt, just use a microfiber cloth. You can use water or mild soap.
  • To maintain the beauty of the natural motif, refurnish the wooden furniture once every 3-5 years.
  • To repair scratches, use teak oil or olive oil to fill them.
  • To repair deeper scratches, use fine sandpaper to flatten them.

Outdoor Furniture Design Inspiration for You

Talking about outdoor spaces can vary according to the location of the building. Recliner furniture near the swimming pool, of course, is different from the recliner on the terrace of a floating inn above the sea.

For example, in the Reethi Faru Resort Maldives project done by Republic Furniture. The furniture is made from teak wood with a touch of luxury and comfort on a tropical island that blends in with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Another case at the Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, ME in the United States, ordered a custom recliner with wheels on the legs. This facilitates the mobility of moving the chair around the hotel. The aluminum element that supports the head is powdered with anti-chlorine powder, so that it remains durable despite frequent exposure to swimming pool water.

As an experienced Indonesian outdoor furniture manufacturer and exporter, Outdoor teak furniture by Republic Furniture has undertaken projects for a number of businesses and individual requests in the country and abroad to 35 countries. For luxury hotels, high-end apartments, and charming resorts.

Republic Furniture’s furniture products focus on outdoor furniture, but can customize and fulfill the indoor furniture you need. Accompanied by skilled designers and craftsmen with experience in the furniture industry since 1999, the results are guaranteed. Contact for booking and consultation.