Want to decorate your home with high-quality, durable furniture? Jepara Furniture is the solution. Jepara furniture and carved furniture are well known both in terms of design and quality.

Jepara furniture not only has good durability, but also high artistic value shapes and motifs with their own characteristics. It is not surprising that Jepara furniture is always chosen for both outdoor decoration of modern and traditional design buildings.

Best Choice of Jepara product for Office and Residential Decoration

Consumers usually want furniture with timeless beauty that matches the exterior design of the building. To fulfill these needs, Jepara furniture and furnishings are the right choice. What is the reason?

1.     Made from the Best Quality Materials

The choice of basic materials in making furniture is the most important consideration because it will affect the quality of the finished product. Similarly, in making Jepara furniture, it usually uses a base material in the form of teak wood that has been completely dried. Furniture made from dried teak wood like this is believed to be able to last up to 20 years.

This is because teak wood that has been dried will not shrink so it is more durable and not easily damaged. It is different when teak wood that is still wet is used as a material for making furniture, usually it will shrink easily and be damaged quickly. Teak wood in Jepara furniture also has a smooth texture with a uniform color so it looks exclusive.

2.     Has Distinctive Wood Grain

The choice of teak wood in Jepara product is not without reason. Teak wood that is completely dry has sharp fibers and a uniform color appearance so that it looks neat on outdoor furniture. Likewise, its resistance to extreme weather is not in doubt.

Both teak wood furniture that is left to appear naturally or coated with paint is still able to exude an elegant and luxurious impression that is not found in other woods. This is what makes teak furniture so suitable for commercial needs, especially as a complement to outdoor decoration.

3.     Manufactured by Expert Woodworkers

Jepara furniture is made by professional craftsmen who have years of experience in making handmade wooden furniture. This makes the furniture products produced very detailed, classic, and elegant.

The hand skills of the Jepara wood craftsmen can be seen in the excellent quality of the products. The results of the wood processing are smooth and neat so that it is famous not only in Indonesia, but also abroad.

4.     Homeland and Termite Attack

This is another advantage of Jepara teak wood furniture. Insect attacks such as termites and moths, as well as high humidity, are challenges for Indonesian wood furniture entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, the natural oil content in teak wood material makes it stronger and more resistant to termites and water. As a result, Jepara furniture products become more durable and can be relied upon as a high-value investment because the older the age, the more expensive the price.

5.    Jepara product is Easy to Find

It is not difficult to find high-quality Jepara furniture products with everlasting designs. You can find the products by hunting directly to the furniture craftsmen, or online by visiting the websites of Jepara furniture manufacturers, such as Republic Furniture.

Tips for Choosing Jepara product

The number of furniture choices available in the market is often confusing. For those of you who are also experiencing this, here are tips on choosing the best Jepara product and furnishings.

  • Consider Furniture Size

Choose the ideal furniture size according to the room where it will be placed. If the space is limited, choose furniture with minimalist to medium size. Avoid forcing large furniture because it will make the room feel cramped.

  • Choose a Harmonious Color

As much as possible, avoid choosing furniture colors with low contrast level. Instead, match the furniture color with the dominant color in the room. You can choose furniture colors that are quite contrasting with the surrounding colors so that the beauty of the furniture is not drowned.

  • Furniture Design

Design is no less important when choosing Jepara product. You should choose a furniture design that matches the style of the room. Republic Furniture offers a collection of timeless furniture so you don’t need to regularly replace furniture when you want to change the exterior style of the room.

  • Customize Furniture with the Function of the Room

Customize the furniture with the function of the room. For example, you can add furniture such as a comfortable sofa in the family room or the waiting room as a place to gather or relax. You can also choose furniture that is resistant to the risk of food or drink stains in the dining room or pantry.

  • Choose the Best Made Furniture

Considering long-term use is also necessary, considering that this building decoration product is not a cheap item. So you should choose quality furniture products that are worth the money you spend. Like Republic Furniture which uses the best teak wood material so that the product can last for a long time.

  • Adjust with Budget

Jepara teak wood furniture can be an investment in the future. Therefore, choose furniture products according to the budget you have. Price does determine quality, but sometimes you can find good quality items at affordable prices.

Best Jepara Product at Republic Furniture

Make sure you only choose the best furniture to create the feel you want both in the office and for residential. Republic Furniture understands your interior needs by providing a variety of quality Jepara product and furniture products made from the best teak wood.

Starting from a family furniture business, Republic Furniture has grown into a high-quality outdoor furniture company. With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, Republic Furniture is trusted in making outdoor furniture. This is proven by a number of its flagship outdoor furniture products in the international market.

Why Should You Choose Republic Furniture?

There is no need to hesitate in choosing Jepara product from Republic Furnitures for your business space. The following reasons explain why you should entrust your furniture to Republic Furniture:

  • Guaranteed Product Quality

Republic Furniture creates various furniture from premium teak wood and made by the best craftsmen. This results in furniture that is durable and suitable for exterior decoration. Plus the timeless design makes the furniture suitable for the long-term purpose of the exterior space.

  • Modern Product Collection to Suit Various Interior Styles 3

Republic Furniture’s contemporary furniture designs can be adapted to various exterior building styles, ranging from minimalist to traditional styles. For those of you who need modern outdoor furniture with a touch of warm Jepara teak wood, Republic Furniture products are the right choice.

  • Products for All Room Needs

Republic Furniture provides a variety of the best Jepara furniture products for exterior and interior space needs. Including kitchen, cabinet, dining room and lounge furniture products are available at Republic Furniture.

  • Trusted by Top Clients

With years of experience in the furniture industry, Republic Furnitures ensures its products are of high quality and classy. So it is natural that Republic Furniture is trusted by local and international clients to handle various interior and exterior projects.

Best Projects of Republic Furniture

You can find touches of Republic Furniture’s work in some of the projects that have been handled. The following projects are a testament to the high professionalism and dedication of this Jepara furniture manufacturer that can be relied upon for all room needs.

  • Reethi Faru Resort Maldives

The presence of Republic Furniture products in Reethi Faru Resort Maldives adds a touch of luxury and comfort typical of tropical islands. The furniture collection in this Maldives project is elegant and blends in with its natural surroundings.

  • Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai

Luxury can also be seen from the furniture products used in Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai. Starting from teak beds, sunbeds to lounge sofas that are deliberately designed to maintain their natural colors, making the room look warmer and more classy.

  • Athena Royal Beach Hotel, Cyprus

Visit Athena Royal Beach Hotel, Cyprus and you’ll see Republic Furniture in action. Discover the luxury and warmth of Jepara teak wood in every corner of the hotel’s exterior and interior.

There are still many Jepara furniture projects from Republic Furniture that prove its best product quality. All these projects prove that Republic is trusted by clients from various countries in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and Australia.

Types of Jepara Furniture from Republic Furniture

Confused about choosing the right furniture for your home? Relax, here are some of the best furniture models from Republic Furniture that you can choose for your building.

  1. Gala Outdoor Collection

Gala Outdoor Collection combines geometric shapes with curved corners to create a firm look without leaving softness. This outdoor furniture is suitable to be placed beside your swimming pool to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

  1. Dakara Collection

Dakara Collection from Republic Furniture is the right choice if you want to add a modern feel to your room. This furniture carries a concept inspired by cube frames with continuous lines that give the impression of softness.

  1. Gamel Collection

Simplicity and practicality, that’s the first impression of Republic Furniture’s Gamel Collection. This teak wood furniture is built based on a practical modern concept while highlighting the distinctive style of the famous Jepara teak wood.

  1. Geya Outdoor

Traditional style is not always old-fashioned and heavy. The proof can be seen in the Geya Outdoor collection from Republic Furniture. Although built inspired by traditional furniture designs, the Geya collection is able to exude an elegant and light look that is suitable for decorating your outdoor space.

  1. Haraka Outdoor

Like Geya, which is inspired by traditional furniture design, Haraka collection also carries a similar concept. However, Haraka has a design with more assertive angles that really shows the strength of Jepara teak wood.

  1. Acira Outdoor

A more natural and minimalist look can be seen from the Acira Outdoor collection from Republic Furniture. This furniture collection is inspired by the timeless design of mid-century furniture.

The large selection of outdoor furniture collections and premium teak wood quality make Republic Furniture products the right choice for various building projects. Now is the time for you to utilize the advantages of Jepara furniture from premium teak wood to increase the value of your outdoor space.