The presence of furniture in your building has a big influence on the atmosphere, function, and impression. A chair, for example, is not only used as a place to sit. But it shall be ensured that its function meets comfort, safety, practicality, and beauty.

Teak wood furniture can answer these needs. Get rid of the “old” impression in your mind, because today’s teak wood furniture has been transformed into furniture that is modern, stylish, and meets the needs of the current age.

Mainly if you choose Indonesian teak furniture which has a good reputation in this field. So why is Indonesia teak wood furniture the best choice? Find the answer in the following information.

Get to Know Indonesia’s Best Furniture Raw Material, Teak Wood

To ensure that you get the best quality furniture in the world, it would be good to know the raw materials for making Indonesian teak furniture. Indonesian teak wood is one of the favorites in this country’s industry.

Derived from the teak plant (Tectona Grandis) spread across many Indonesian islands, including Java, Bali, Madura, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi. You should know that this plant has been developing for hundreds to thousands of years in Southeast Asia. It means that this wood has a high level of hardness suitable as a premium raw material for making furniture.

Even though it is hard and strong, teak wood that grows in Indonesia is easy to cut and work with, so it is preferred for making furniture and carvings. Sanded wood has a smooth surface. The circular patterns can appear clearly and produce a beautiful natural motif on your furniture.

Due to this reason, Indonesian teak wood is classified as a luxury wood. It is processed into garden furniture, interior furniture, panels, crafts, and classy elegant stairs.

This reliability has been present for a long time, since the era of colonialism in Indonesia. Indonesian teak wood has extraordinary reliability. At that time, teak was used as a raw material for making warships, merchant ships, rails for railway lines, to the construction of government buildings and community homes.

The long journey of teak wood in Indonesia is proof that Indonesian teak wood is a reliable raw material. Considering the need for furniture for the room area, what are its advantages in the furniture industry?

  • Guaranteed Durability. Indonesian solid wood furniture is famous for its durability and can last for generations if properly cared for. It means there is no need to replace furniture frequently plus, it is an excellent investment because it uses high-quality raw materials whose value continues over time.
  • Low Maintenance. For indoor placement, Indonesian teak furniture does not require harsh chemicals to keep it looking good. Just use a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.
  • Flexible Use. Teak wood furniture is versatile furniture and can combine in various types of spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Likewise, the room theme seamlessly blends with traditional and modern themes.
  • Good for Health. Furniture is a necessary part of our lives because we rely a lot of time on it, from relaxing to working. Therefore, it is important to ensure that furniture products are not toxic and harmful to humans. Indonesian teak furniture meets this requirement, which most people rarely pay attention to when choosing furniture, but this is important.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Teak wood can be recycled, with a maintained appearance and solid strength even though it is many years old. Furthermore, Indonesian teak wood management has implemented sustainable principles resulting in a low carbon footprint. Thus, Indonesian teak furniture deserves to be called environmentally friendly furniture as the best furniture choice.

Reasons why Indonesia Teak Furniture is the Best Choice

This is the true reason why teak wood furniture from Indonesia is the best choice. Whether it is to meet the needs of home interiors or commercial interiors, such as hotels, villas, and office buildings.

1.    Indonesia Teak Wood – The Best Wood in the World for Furniture

Indonesian teak wood as a whole has unmatched quality. It is very durable and very strong so it can withstand extreme weather changes in four-season countries, and is immune to any insect attacks.

Indonesia’s seriousness in the furniture industry has given rise to a variety of teak wood choices which are classified into several classes. Two similar-looking pieces of furniture from different manufacturers are offered at different prices. What is offered is not about price, but truly guaranteed quality.

If you are going to put your teak furniture outdoors and live in an area with weather changes, then investing in expensive teak furniture is the best choice.

The teak wood that has been made into furniture will be difficult to distinguish, especially after it is finished. Make sure to choose a reputable and experienced company in this industry.

2.    Indonesia is the Top Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia is a major player in the teak wood furniture export industry, without missing a beat every year. The teak wood furniture products offered are varied. From mass-produced to custom requests by specialists with carpentry skills passed down from generation to generation.

This legacy has now made several regions of Indonesia lead the production of the world furniture market. Java Island, precisely Jepara City, is one of the well-known and trusted teak furniture manufacturing centers. Make sure your furniture is produced by a company whose factory is located here.

Teak’s durability is superior in dealing with humidity and pest attacks (insects and fungi). Therefore, Jepara Indonesia Furniture can guarantee a durable and long-lasting chair, tables, and outdoor decorations.

3.    Fresh Furniture Designs for Home, Office, and Commercial

The development of the times has made Indonesian teak furniture manufacturers maximally innovate in design. Align with considering ecology by upholding the principles of environmentally friendly sustainability.

Since Indonesia has green areas in various corners, this country can produce attractive styles of teak wood furniture.

Furniture consists of a seating set consisting of a long bench, two or more single chairs, and a table. The chair is designed with a comfortable and easy dismantling system for transporting to indoor spaces or vice versa.

CV Republic Furniture, a teak wood furniture company with experience in this field, has adopted teak outdoor furniture innovations that align with the current age.

  • Combining high-quality teak furniture in minimalist shapes from a geometric base with fresh-colored cushions such as blue and green.
  • The seat cushion is resistant to water and sunlight.
  • Aluminum components blend with the teak raw materials and seat cushions.

4.    Using Sustainable Raw Materials

The use of wood materials attracts the attention of environmental lovers related to forest sustainability. Teak forest management in Indonesia has long been aware of it, before Indonesian independence (1945).

Concerns about the sustainability of teak trees made the state decide to form a company to manage state forests called Perhutani. Structured management produces diverse teak wood processing processes and produces wood quality categorization. Surely everything is qualified.

Those are some of the reasons why Indonesian teak furniture is worth considering. Next, we will explain more regarding the development of sustainable teak wood innovation as a guarantee that Indonesian teak furniture is the best choice.

Sustainable Innovation from Teak Wood Continues to be Developed

As mentioned previously, Indonesia has Perhutani which guarantees the quality and sustainability of teak wood in Indonesia. This guarantee is applied evenly throughout Indonesia.

However, the Indonesian government is aware of the comparability of quality with other countries. Therefore, the Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) is implemented for producers and exporters of teak wood furniture from Indonesia.

So, if your furniture vendor has been tested to pass this certification, then there can be no doubt that it can be used as the best choice to meet the needs of furniture or business partners.

SVLK is not just any certification. It has been recognized by the European Union because it guarantees a sustainable process of planting, logging, processing, and trading teak wood furniture. German, Swiss, and Austrian media even published a magazine on the theme of Indonesian interior design and furniture and recommended the product at international trade shows.

It doesn’t stop there, teak wood producers in Indonesia continue to develop innovations so that this sustainability program can meet global demand. Indonesia is developing fast-growing teak trees as an alternative raw material for wooden furniture in the future.

The rapid growth of teak is the result of developing teak with various methods to accelerate its growth. This effort was made to obtain superior teak with a faster harvest period. Several types of fast-growing teak wood are already used by the furniture industry in Indonesia. Some studies have proven that this innovation is worth using as an alternative because it meets the requirements of SNI 7555.16, 17, and 18; and SNI 7555.1, 2, and 3 (national standardization system for Indonesian products).

Finally, it can be concluded that Indonesia teak furniture is a superior choice in the global furniture industry because:

  • Made from premium quality teak wood that is nationally certified and recognized in the global market, including in developed countries.
  • Teak furniture is modern, flexible, and environmentally friendly.
  • The growth of the Indonesian teak furniture industry is accompanied by innovative developments to maintain long-term sustainability.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about the continued growth of teak trees if you buy teak furniture produced in Indonesia.

Republic Furniture: Sustainable and Trusted Indonesian Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Are you looking for an Indonesian teak furniture vendor that meets the standards we mentioned above but is trustworthy? Republic Furniture can be the best solution.

Founded in 1997, Republic Furniture has become a leading manufacturer in the teak wood furniture industry in Indonesia. The company offers a variety of outdoor teak furniture products that are not only beautiful and functional but also sustainable. We prioritize responsible and certified forest management to ensure the sustainability of natural resources.

The solid Republic Furniture team plays a role in ensuring product innovation matches your expectations. The expertise of carpenters as our partners can transform high-quality teak wood into modern and elegant furniture. It is suitable to place at home, office area, or hotel.

It is also available as a sofa, recliner, and modern teak dining model for wholesale, retail, and custom-made teak furniture purchases. Contact Republic Furniture now!