Most Indonesian furniture comes from first-quality wood in Indonesia. This quality was obtained from the government’s efforts to intervene in the provision and regulation of policies related to material use.

It is not surprising, that furniture from Indonesia is the main choice, both in the Indonesian domestic market and abroad. In particular, the teak wood furniture.

Evidence is shown in data, that interest in teak wood products keeps increasing globally. This trend continues until 2031. However, if we look back at its history, it is estimated that this trend will transform into a lifestyle for modern society.

Whether you realize it or not, your arrival here is enough to prove this truth. So, what is Indonesian furniture like with first-quality wood? Read on until the end to find the answer!

Number 1 Wood Quality in International

Indonesia is famous internationally, one of which is because of its wooden furniture products. Furniture made from genuine teak wood is the number one choice in Indonesia. Teak wood is a strong wood that is widely used to make high-quality furniture.

Furthermore, it has been used as the raw material for making ships, equipment, and buildings from the colonial era until now. Moreover, the following is the reason why teak wood is the best quality wood to meet your furniture needs.

  • Resistant to water, weather changes, or hot sun.
  • High artistic value with distinctive motifs in each furniture product.
  • The beauty of wooden motifs can last a long time even if they are constantly exposed to sunlight by buying from a company that is credible in producing teak outdoor furniture, such as Republic Furnitures.
  • Indonesian furniture is made from genuine teak wood which is mature so it can provide perfect strength. It can last for decades, so buying it is the best investment. Furniture can be resold or recycled but has the same strength as the beauty of unique motifs and colors.
  • Wooden furniture, especially from high-quality teak wood, has a classic impression that is flexible and can be combined with various room atmospheres.

From the above aspects, quality is a concern when considering wooden furniture. Teak wood has excellent strength because this wood has unique characteristics compared to wood from other countries.

There are natural oils in it, which are the key to the strength of wood. Furthermore, this oil can resist wood pests, such as mold and insects. Plus, furniture manufacturers usually add additional coatings to maintain the quality of the wood.

The Best Types of Wood for Making Furniture

For information, teak wood spread across Indonesia consists of various types. It means that the choices of the best teak wood for making Indonesian furniture are varied. Here are choices of the best teak wood which is commonly used to make furniture in Indonesia.

1. Golden Teak Wood

Golden teak wood grows rapidly, between 6-14 years before it cut down into various forms of furniture. The advantage of this wood is that it has a straight trunk without any bends. Even if there is, only a small part.

This dominant straight shape allows workers to easily design wide furniture such as tables. Moreover, this type of wood is affordable and easy to get.

The disadvantage of this wood is that the stem is not very long. Furthermore, it must be processed immediately after cutting because it becomes damp more quickly than other types of teak wood. However, its strength is not that weak, considering that this is teak. But if you compare it with other types of teak wood, it can be described like that.

2. Perhutani Teak Wood

As the name suggests, this teak wood is produced by a well-known teak wood manager, Perhutani. The teak wood produced is of very high quality due to proper attention to every processing process. Starting from breeding, and logging, to sales.

Furthermore, the age of the wood is an advantage. Perhaps, in the future, it can be cut down along with the short life of golden teak as technology develops.

A very old age and properly managed, this teak wood has extraordinary advantages. In terms of durability, it is very durable. Your furniture can last for decades. Another advantage can be seen from the aesthetic beauty of the wood which is so unique and beautiful.

Based on these facts, it is not surprising that Indonesian teak furniture from Perhutani wood is offered at quite high prices.

3. Community Teak Wood

It is called community teak because the plants are planted on community-owned land, with guaranteed quality. The cutting age is quite long, between 15-25 years.

In contrast to Perhutani teak wood, the community’s teak wood has a fairly high water content so the color seems pale and less desirable. The shape of the stem has quite a lot of bends which make it irregular.

However, if you are looking for Indonesian furniture that is durable and cheap, then Indonesian teak furniture could be the right alternative.

Indonesian Furniture Has Considered Environmental Sustainability for the Future

There is no need to doubt the use of natural materials as a mainstay of Indonesian furniture. The Indonesian government is aware of environmental sustainability by establishing an agency called Perum Perhutani.

Yes, the Perhutani teak wood mentioned previously is the result of government management whose quality and environmental sustainability are guaranteed. The management system is integrated so that the quality of furniture from Indonesia is equal.

Most of the raw material sources come from Perum Perhutani. Especially producers located on Java Island. Others, such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, and West Nusa Tenggara, take wood for furniture from the forest or use local teak wood.

Our advice, if you want to buy high-quality Indonesian furniture, choose a manufacturer located on the island of Java, especially in the city of Jepara which is known as a production center for wooden furniture with high production levels.

Furniture manufacturers in Jepara are a reliable solution for those who want to buy in large quantities. Such as for hotel decoration, resale, or distributors. Buying retail or custom orders is not too expensive, considering that the level of furniture production in Jepara is high satisfactory results.

Apart from establishing the Perhutani institution, the government requires certification for wooden furniture producers in Indonesia called SVLK (Wood Legality Verification System). This policy is regulated in Forestry Minister Regulation No. 38/Menhut-II/2009 concerning Standards and Guidelines for Performance Assessment of Sustainable Production Forest Management and Verification of Timber Legality for Permit Holders or Private Forests.

The implementation of SVLK has several objectives, namely realizing sustainable forest management, improving the implementation of forestry governance, eradicating illegal logging, and managing timber trade. It can be concluded,

  • The SVLK certificate provides certainty for buyers in international markets, such as Europe, America, Japan, and other countries that Indonesian teak furniture is a legal product and comes from a legal source.
  • SVLK certificate guarantees the quality of Indonesian teak furniture.
  • SVLK certificate prevents consumers from fraudulent sales practices of Indonesian teak furniture.

So, when you are looking for an Indonesian furniture manufacturer, make sure it has this certification. If the certification period has passed, it will likely be extended. Especially for furniture companies that already have a credible name and track record, such as Republic Furnitures.

Popular Furniture Styles

The furniture industry in Indonesia cannot be doubted. High-quality products made from teak wood continue to be developed with the times. The following are several popular types and styles of Indonesian furniture.

1. Outdoor Furniture

In the last several years, the outdoor furniture trend has experienced very significant development. It makes open spaces such as gardens, terraces, swimming pools, or balconies a versatile existence in a building.

Not only a place to relax, but it is also a place for entertainment and social gatherings.

Modern outdoor furniture emphasizes material innovation, high durability, and ease of maintenance. Some examples of materials used are aluminum with powder coating, teak wood, and waterproof pads.

Lounge sets and dining designs are a favorite choice. With modular sofa cushions that can be adjusted, along with fresh, natural nuanced color themes, such as blue and green. Indonesian furniture continues to prioritize comfort by providing soft cushions and ergonomic seating positions.

If you have a large backyard, this outdoor furniture trend can increase the functionality and beauty of your outdoor space with the latest style.

2. Teak Wood

Teak outdoor furniture will always be furniture that attracts attention. This trend is in line with the characteristics of today’s society, which prefers the warmth and comfort of relaxing in open spaces that can be obtained with wooden furniture.

Moreover, currently, people’s thinking tends to choose sustainable or eco-friendly products. Teak wood furniture is the best choice. Teak wood is hard and has strong durability. Even when placed outdoors, it still has the same strength.

The natural content of wood is behind these advantages. Wood does not rot easily, is kept away from pests and insect nests, and can withstand extreme weather changes. With minimal maintenance, your teak wood furniture will remain sturdy and beautiful to look at.

In addition, the natural beauty of wood makes it suitable for combining various room design styles, both traditional and modern.

At this point, we can conclude that Indonesian furniture not only offers extraordinary durability and beauty but also supports sustainable environmentally friendly practices and provides economic benefits for local communities.

Added with proper maintenance, teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia can be a versatile and profitable long-term investment.

Republic Furniture, Best Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter

If you are looking for Indonesian furniture manufacturing overseas, Republic Furniture has that experience. Up to today, we have sent it to various countries, such as Europe, Australia, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Founded in 1999, Republic Furniture has become a solid company that focuses on teak outdoor furniture with the first quality of wood in Indonesia. The wood quality guarantee has been SVLK certified as the national standard for Indonesian teak furniture production.

There is a wide choice of models that are innovative and meet the tastes of the global market. All are designed by our team who are experts in the modern furniture industry. Together with them, Republic Furniture is ready to become a reliable Indonesian furniture partner. Contact us via the contact for further information.