Teak polish has been trusted by many furniture manufacturers to maintain the natural beauty and strength of teak wood like new.

The quality of this coating material cannot be denied until it becomes the standard for getting stunning teak wood furniture. The application method is relatively easy to do so it is very friendly for beginners.

Moreover, there are now many new innovations of teak polish that suit your needs. Get the right choice and know how to apply it correctly so that your furniture always looks new and durable.

The Secret to Durable Teak Wood Furniture by Applying Teak Polish

teak polish

Teak wood furniture is a favorite furniture product for all needs, from modern residences to commercial buildings. Jepara Indonesia furniture by Republic is a preferred choice for foreigners with its various advantages, such as:

  • Resistant to extreme weather changes outdoors
  • Anti-mold and mildew thanks to the natural oil content of teak wood
  • Flexible for various indoor and outdoor space themes
  • Timeless
  • Durable for decades

These advantages are the main reason why this wood is still a favorite when choosing furniture for commercial needs. Such as in office spaces, hotels, villas, resorts, buildings, and so on.

Well, to maintain the brown color that has high artistic value on teak, the use of teak polish is the right choice.

You need to know, when teak furniture is not treated, your teak wood furniture will turn silvery gray. Although some people love the art value of this one, but if you are in the opposition, then teak polish is the best solution.

Teak polish is the secret to teak furniture always looking like new and lasting a long time. This special care product is designed to maintain and protect furniture or other items made of teak wood with a number of benefits offered:

  • Protection Function. Teak polish provides a protective layer on the surface of teak wood that helps it ward off UV rays, moisture, and dust that could potentially crack, dull, or discolor teak wood.
  • Improved Appearance. The natural luster of teak wood will be restored by applying teak polish. Perfect for your furniture that is starting to fade or look dull.
  • Using teak polish regularly helps to keep the furniture in its best condition, which in turn can extend the life of teak wood.

Transforming Teak Wood Furniture with Paint, Is it Worth a Try?

Paint is designed to cover the surface of wood with a thick layer of pigment, give it a new color, and protect the wood. This may look good, but it can actually mask the natural beauty of teak wood. When left in the outdoors for long periods of time, the paint can peel and crack. Plus, teak’s high natural oils make it difficult for the paint coating to stick to the wood.

Unlike teak polish which is formulated to treat, protect, and restore the natural charm of teak wood. The teak polish material penetrates the surface of the wood to provide protection from within and helps keep the wood moisturized.

No need to worry because:

  • Teak polish can make your teak wood furniture water and dirt resistant.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Easily penetrates the surface of teak wood furniture.

Teak Polish Application Steps for Stunning Furniture

In practice, teak wood furniture treatment using teak polish is easy to do, even by beginners. We have summarized the steps in the list below, pay close attention.

1. Understand the Wood Characteristics of Your Furniture

The first step in treating teak wood furniture using teak polish is to understand the wood characteristics of the furniture.

Like Indonesian Furniture by Republic Furniture, it is produced from various types of teak wood with different characteristics. Each type of teak wood excels in each aspect, some have fine grain and some have a beautiful natural color like gold.

Recognizing their characteristics like this can help you choose the appropriate teak polish treatment product. So that the natural beauty and strength of your furniture is maximized.

2. Clean the Furniture

It’s important to make sure your teak polish is free of dust, grease, and even dirt. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the surface of the wood. If there is dry dirt that is difficult to clean, add a little mild soap, then gently wipe until the dirt is removed.

After that, let it dry. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. This is because moisture can affect the final result of teak polish application.

3. Repair Defects on the Wood Surface

This process will help your furniture look smoother and last longer. After cleaning the furniture, check if there are any cracks or small holes. If found, use wood putty that matches the color of teak wood to fill the cracks.

Filling these cracks is important to ensure that the surface of the wood remains smooth and there are no damaged parts that could worsen the condition of the wood in the future.

4. Sand Teak Wood Surfaces

Sanding the teak wood surface removes the old coating and smoothens the surface of the wood. This allows the teak polish to penetrate better. Use sandpaper with medium grit, and sand in the direction of the wood grain to avoid unwanted scratches.

When finished sanding, remove the sandpaper dust with a soft dry cloth. This process also indicates that the teak wood surface is ready to receive teak polish for a smoother and more durable finish.

5. Choose the Best Teak Wood Paint

At the beginning it was said that paint and teak polish are two opposite things. The paint (sealer) referred to here is a special coating for teak wood. Usually, it is for furniture that is applied outdoors, such as on outdoor furniture.

Apply the paint according to the product instructions and let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

6. Apply Teak Polish

Once all the preparations are done, proceed with applying the teak polish. Choose a high-quality one for best results. Use a soft cloth or brush so that it can stick to the entire surface of the wood evenly, the method is:

  • Apply teak polish in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Apply thinly, and make sure it is evenly distributed throughout.
  • Let the teak polish soak into the wood for a few minutes.
  • While waiting, wipe off the excess polish with a clean, dry cloth.
  • If necessary, do a second coat, especially if the wood is very dry or has never been polished before.

For best results, apply teak polish routinely. We recommend doing it once every six months, depending on the condition and the place where the furniture is placed.

Different Types of Teak Polish for Different Results

Earlier it was mentioned that to get the best results, the right teak polish is needed. There are quite a few variations that can be customized according to your needs and have their own advantages.

1. Water-based Transparent Teak Polish

Suitable for all types of wood with a transparent finish. This polish is used to add luster to the wood surface, and can provide protection so that your teak furniture does not turn yellow in the long run.

The application method is simple, by spraying on the surface of the furniture and letting it dry within a few minutes.

Behind the ease, there is something you need to be aware of, which during the coating process creates smoke. So, make sure to apply the coating in a well-ventilated room or open space to be safer.

2. Oil-based Teak Polish

This one gives a unique finish with a satin-like yellowish color. Some people may not like that finish, but this oil-based teak polish uses the most natural base of teak polish in general that can penetrate the surface and be absorbed into the pores of the wood.

While some others choose it because this polish can perfectly cover scratches on teak wood furniture.

3. Wax-based Teak Polish

This one is made from ingredients that are mostly derived from plant extracts and animal elements. Apart from being environmentally friendly, teak polish wax has a number of advantages that work in your favor.

It is paste-like, yet easy to apply to the wood surface and provides a gorgeous shine and long-lasting protection. Be sure to rub it gently into the wood surface and allow it to dry before use.

4. Teak Polish Varnish

The result of polishing with this one gives a glossy finish, so it is considered one of the best teak polishes. Especially for the living room.

Apart from making the teak surface more dazzling, this coating provides many advantages. The coating is easier to dry, resistant to water and acidic liquids, and easy to remove for applying other coatings to the wood surface.

Plus, this coating material provides various levels of luster. Even the thinnest level can give the wood maximum strength to resist future damage.

It should be noted that this coating is more suitable for indoor teak wood furniture as it is not so heat-resistant. And you should avoid using this coating for teak furniture near children’s rooms.

5. Teak Polish Melamine

A beautiful gloss can also be produced by melamine polish, with higher durability. In fact, it has the ability to resist heat. This is because the melamine layer closes the pores of the wood so that the wood can withstand heat and cold.

With this ability, melamine is usually applied to the surface of teak wood furniture such as kitchen sets, and others.

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