Mahogany and teak are among the most chosen materials for furniture making, especially outdoor furniture. Not without reason, but because both have their own advantages that make them unique compared to other woods.

The durability of these two types of wood is also very high from exposure to extreme weather. So, if you are planning to buy furniture with wood material, this material can be the right choice.

But before that, get to know the advantages of mahogany vs teak, as well as the disadvantages of each wood.

Characteristics of Teak Wood

Tropical wood is one of the most widely used types of wood for making furniture, musical instruments and ships. One of them is teak wood which you can find so abundantly in Indonesia. Teak wood is known to have good durability making it suitable for outdoor use. It also looks attractive, brownish in color with a distinctive pattern so it is often used as the main material for furniture.

Uniquely, teak wood is not classified as class I wood, but has high durability and can even last for hundreds of years. So it is normal that this wood is expensive because of the high demand.

Characteristics of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is often an alternative to teak wood because it has characteristics that are suitable as a home furnishing material. It is known as a luxurious wood with small pores and hardwood. These characteristics make it suitable as the main material for making furniture and musical instruments.

The appearance of mahogany wood is unique with its reddish color and beautiful wood patterns. In Europe and America, mahogany wood is considered a luxury wood, so Indonesian furniture products made from mahogany wood are always sold on the continent.

Unlike teak wood which is widely planted in plantations, mahogany wood is quite easy to find on the roadside as a protective tree. Unfortunately, this wood tends to be easily attacked by pests and is not very weather-resistant. As a result, outdoor furniture made of mahogany wood needs special treatment to be durable.

Mahogany vs Teak Wood, Which is Better?

So, which is the best between mahogany vs teak wood? Here is a comparison of the characteristics between the two.

1. Durability

In terms of density and sturdiness, teak wood is more durable and denser than mahogany wood. Teak wood is known for its good resistance to termites, decay, and acids. The natural oil content in teak wood makes it resistant to weather changes making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

Not surprisingly, this wood is often used in boat and floor construction. This is also proof that Jepara teak furniture has stood the test of time and has a good reputation in harsh environments. Although mahogany wood is not harder than teak wood, it doesn’t mean that the advantages of mahogany wood can be ignored.

Mahogany wood may be less suitable as outdoor furniture, but it is very good to use as indoor furniture material. This wood can be a more economical alternative for making residential furniture if teak wood is not available. Its durability in indoor area is also very good for decades.

2. Characteristic Wood Smell

Usually, wooden furniture enthusiasts not only like the natural look of wood, but also its distinctive aroma that reminds them of nature. This is often found in teak wood furniture which has a distinctive aroma like fresh forest trees.

On the other hand, mahogany wood does not have a distinctive aroma so it looks like any other ordinary wood.

3. Beautiful Wood Grain Display

Wooden furniture enthusiasts often choose mahogany wood as interior furniture for several reasons. This type of wood has a beautiful wood grain appearance with a slightly dark color that reflects an exclusive impression. The surface appearance of mahogany furniture is even more classy when smeared with wood paint or other polishing materials.

While teak wood has a light color with straight lines of wood grain. This wood sometimes has a slightly boring look when coated with natural polishing. Teak material also has a “heavy” impression especially when placed as indoor furniture.

4. Mahogany vs Teak Maintenance

Both teak and mahogany furniture require continuous maintenance to keep their natural beauty. Coating natural wood paint on the surface of mahogany and teak furniture will create a more exotic look. But over time, the color of the furniture surface will change to gray-brown.

For teak wood furniture that is weather and age resistant, it actually does not require special treatment. The natural color of the wood texture can last for decades. But not with mahogany wood furniture. This is because mahogany wood furniture requires periodic sanding and staining to keep its original color.

5. Sustainability

The increasing demand for wood has led to overexploitation of teak and mahogany. The existence of these two types of wood is also experiencing extinction at a certain stage. Unsustainable methods in the furniture industry process are one of the causes.

However, the government’s efforts in encouraging a sustainable furniture industry have succeeded in bringing teak and mahogany back to the market. A more environmentally conscious public nowadays tends to choose sustainable wood industries that utilize legal teak wood. However, the availability of teak wood furniture in the market tends to be limited.

This is because high-quality teak wood requires a long age, even more than 20 years to have the desired durability. Unlike mahogany, this wood is easily found in the market because it has a shorter harvest period. Mahogany wood can be harvested when it reaches the age of 7 years.

6. Price

The next mahogany vs teak difference is in the price. Both teak and mahogany furniture are actually not inexpensive furniture. However, best Jepara furniture is more expensive than mahogany furniture. The high cost of teak wood furniture is proportional to the durability and quality of the wood.

If you are a homeowner who wants to invest in classy furniture, teak furniture can be an option. Meanwhile, mahogany furniture is more affordable than teak, but it requires intensive care to be durable. In general, both have increased in price due to limited supply.

Mahogany vs Teak Wood Processing Challenges

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Behind its advantages, the use of teak and mahogany wood needs careful consideration. The reason is, that both present their own challenges for wood craftsmen who want to process them into outdoor furniture. Some of these challenges include:

1. Need Skills in Processing

Mahogany vs teak each has strong and dense wood characteristics that require special skills and equipment in processing. The process of cutting this wood takes longer than other types of wood.

You need experts who are experienced in hardwood processing to create good quality furniture. Local craftsmen from Indonesia are one of the experts in processing teak and mahogany wood. So it is normal that the demand for Jepara best furniture is fairly high, especially for the European and American regions.

2. Wood Appearance Over Time

Another factor that affects the maintenance of mahogany furniture is the appearance of its surface color which darkens over time. That’s why mahogany furniture needs to be given an additional coating if you want to maintain its natural color.

Teak furniture that is specialized for outdoor spaces will also gradually wear out due to its drying oil content. Polishing step is also necessary to keep the surface from rainwater spots and other dirt and maintain the natural wood color.

3. Processing Procedure

As mentioned earlier, teak wood produces oil that makes it pest and age resistant. Unfortunately, the high oil content makes teak wood more difficult to connect using glue adhesives.

So, it needs a craftsman who is able to make perfect teak locks in order to create teak furniture with minimal adhesives.

4. Consider the Use of Furniture

Because of the durability of the wood, many outdoor furniture uses teak wood material. This makes teak wood furniture can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. While mahogany wood is more suitable to be placed indoors considering its characteristics that cannot withstand exposure to weather changes.

In a four-season region with high humidity, choosing furniture that is moisture resistant and not susceptible to mold and termites is a necessity. For that reason, consider the purpose of buying furniture before you choose it. Is it for an area that is humid and prone to sun exposure or for an indoor area?

5. Furniture Life

When placed according to their characteristics, both mahogany and teak furniture can both last a long time. Coupled with extra care that is routine, the lifespan of mahogany and Jepara teak furniture will be longer than other woods.

As a comparison, premium quality Jepara teak furniture can last up to 80 years in outdoor areas. While mahogany furniture can last around 40 years only when placed in an outdoor area. If you don’t plan to change your furniture every year, teak wood furniture is the ideal choice.

6. Eco-Friendly Furniture

The decreasing number of natural forests and the limited production of forests make the supply of natural teak wood in the forest also dwindling. Environmental issues are an important concern in the eyes of consumers. That’s why teak wood furniture manufacturers like Republic Furniture only use wood from legal production forests.

For consumers who understand environmental issues, buying furniture that is durable and environmentally friendly is much better even if it is expensive. Especially if the furniture can be used from one generation to the next. Considering this, do you want to participate in using sustainable eco-friendly furniture?


When choosing the right wood for your furniture either, for outdoor or indoor areas, consider the advantages and characteristics of mahogany vs teak.

Jepara teak wood furniture offers durability and density that is suitable for outdoor area needs. While mahogany furniture is rich in texture and color making it suitable as indoor furniture.

Republic Furniture as a Jepara furniture manufacturer and exporter, understands the importance of choosing the type of wood according to the needs of each consumer. That’s why we offer a diverse collection of mahogany vs teak furniture from Indonesia’s best craftsmen.

Republic Furniture collection also presents the most modern models that can be combined with various residential themes, both traditional and modern. Contact Republic Furniture now to consult your needs!