Indonesia has been known as one of the highest-quality furniture producers in the world for quite a long. Thanks to teak wood raw materials with extraordinary durability and attractive artistic designs, Indonesian product can provide the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

But, is furniture from Indonesia product worth buying? Let’s explore the various factors that make Indonesian furniture the best choice for making high-quality furniture.

Indonesia: The Ideal Center for Quality Furniture

Talking about the suitability of Indonesian product will not be able to separate from the following reasons why Indonesian furniture is worth considering. So furniture from Indonesia can be a consideration for the local market in meeting furniture needs.

1.    Indonesia is a Warehouse for Furniture Raw Materials

Biodiversity is an inseparable part of Indonesia, which other countries do not have much of, quoted by, from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) which shows that Indonesia has forests covering more than 60% of its land area.

Imagine how rich the biodiversity of wood is in Indonesia. Including one of the wood types that can be used as material for making furniture. Such as teak wood is one of the abundant superior raw materials.

With a variety of choices, it allows you to adjust your budget to the furniture you need. In Indonesia, several teak kinds of wood used as a mainstay have the following advantages.

  • Perhutani teak wood: premium quality, lasts 50-100 years, guaranteed quality.
  • Golden teak: has a beautiful color, teak trees are produced more quickly for sustainable orders, and more affordable than Perhutani teak.
  • Community’s teak wood: faster supply of raw materials to speed up furniture production at the lowest price compared to the two previous teak wood options.

Each has different specifications to meet global market needs. Of course, you have to know this so you don’t get stuck with the quality you expect for yourself, and avoid problems in the future.

Such as, you use teak wood furniture for outdoor furniture. Then, you need to be sure to choose furniture with the highest quality wood.

2.    Indonesia is Famous for its Teak Wood Material Lasts for Decades

Teak wood, which grows abundantly in Indonesia’s tropical forests, is a key symbol of reliability in the Indonesian furniture industry. This wood is classified as a hardwood, so the wood is hard, good, and long-lasting, reaching a lifespan of decades. Very suitable for the characteristics of outdoor and indoor chair needs.

This extraordinary durability is because premium quality Indonesian teak wood has a high oil content as a protector. This oil content plays a role in increasing the stickiness of the fibers in the wood so that it becomes solid. It is anti-termite and fungal attacks.

However, the characteristics of teak wood are easy to transform into various functional wooden furniture in everyday life. Starting from chairs, tables, and cupboards.

With their amazing durability and natural beauty, Indonesian furniture products have succeeded in making their way to developed countries in America, Europe, Central Asia, and East Asia. Either in the form of wood or products that have been processed into furniture or other room decoration elements.

3.    Indonesia Pays Attention to the Earth

The government as a businessperson is aware of the massive use of wood so that it continues to be sustainable. A special manager was formed called Perhutani who was responsible for the continuation of teak tree plantations.

So many teak wood furniture manufacturers are paying more attention to the earth than just looking for detrimental profits. This is proven by the producer’s registration with SVLK, namely the timber management and legality certification system.

Yes, it’s not just management that is concerned. The availability of wood must come from legal sources that implement a replanting system with strict supervisory controls.

This certification system has been recognized by the European Union, and published in a special magazine discussing Indonesian product as a reliable choice. Australia also recognizes that SVLK meets the requirements to be used as proof of the legality of Indonesian timber products.

You just need to make sure the teak furniture vendor you choose has SVLK certification. So you can be sure that the product uses legal raw materials, from sustainably managed forests.

Thus, it can guarantee environmental protection in Indonesia, as well as human safety.

4.    Indonesia is Famous for the Creativity of its Craftsmen

The flourishing of teak wood plants has given rise to areas of craftsmen who are skilled in making teak wood furniture. Jepara is a center for the production of wooden furniture with a high level of productivity. Involving thousands of business units so that it can meet global market demand shortly.

Initially, Jepara was known for its characteristic Jepara carving art which is increasingly developing rapidly, even today. As market demand increases from within and outside the country, this city has become a very influential industrial center. The raw materials come from Perhutani and community forests with an environmentally friendly production process.

Jepara craftsmen also always adapt to the times. Not only adopting classic and carved models, their products have been transformed to present innovations such as:

  • Has a modern, minimalist, and contemporary model with a precise modular design without forgetting the ergonomic aspects and health of the human body posture
  • Environmentally friendly designs or from recycled materials
  • Multifunctional, for example, it can be integrated with technology, such as there is a table part that can function to charge gadgets
  • Accept customization of the desired size, design, and color

You can see examples of superior products that have become icons of Indonesian creativity in the global market with guaranteed quality through the Republic Furniture catalog.

Indonesian Furniture Solutions for Every Need

Indonesia has been known as the main destination for finding quality furniture solutions for various needs. From household furniture to commercial needs, with a wide range of products that meet high standards in quality, design, and functionality. These specifications are those offered by Republic Furnitures below.

1.    Acira Outdoor

It has a more natural appearance that adapts to intricate outdoor details with lots of green plants or a courtyard with a swimming pool. This design is inspired by the Middle Ages with a contemporary concept. Incorporates handwoven woven pads that are weather-resistant.

2.    Agatha Outdoor

Agatha’s design has a different appearance on the legs and backrest. Made from durable teak wood with beautiful, bright grain that fits perfectly into your various outdoor spaces.

The Agatha chair is combined with a waterproof woven cushion so you don’t need to worry about weather changes even if you leave it outside for a long time.

3.    Alende Eatery

Alende indonesian product offers elegant and functional furniture solutions for your dining area. With clean lines inspired by modern Danish furniture design, each piece of furniture is produced with high craftsmanship to give a charming minimalist impression.

However, the Alende feature still pays attention to aspects of beauty, presenting harmony between function and aesthetics.

How to Get Indonesian product

Finding quality Indonesian furniture can be a challenge, especially for shipping overseas. So, to find quality products as assets and investments, there are various ways to do so.

1.    Browse Local Furniture Stores

Quality Indonesian product has expanded to various countries and is sold through local furniture stores. You can see the quality directly and make it easier when you have complaints about the product you purchased.

However, the lack is that you have to pay prices that tend to be high because they are not obtained first-hand (manufacturers). The collection is limited, with limited customization too.

2.    Explore Online Sites

Indonesian furniture manufacturers have adapted to technology. Furniture products are starting to be offered online on e-commerce platforms and official websites.

However, as with shopping online for other products, it is recommended to carry out thorough research to ensure the manufacturer is a trusted Indonesian furniture manufacturer.

Check their reputation through reviews from previous customers, as well as offering a clear policy regarding customer rights. So you get high-quality Indonesian furniture products at appropriate prices and satisfactory service.

3.    Visit a Furniture Fair

Attend local and international exhibitions where the Indonesian furniture market often participates. There, you can find various collections of the latest Indonesian furniture from leading manufacturers, such as at the IFEX event held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4.    Contact the Manufacturer Directly

This is the best step to get quality Indonesian furniture. Find their contact information via the official website. By consulting and ordering directly from the manufacturer, you will get more detailed information about the product, production process, and available customization options.

This allows you to get Indonesian furniture that suits your preferences with guaranteed quality.

Where to Buy the Best Wooden Furniture in Indonesia?

Manufacturers based in Jepara, a city known as the center of the Indonesian wood furniture industry, are worth considering. However, it would be good to consider several things before choosing Jepara wooden furniture.

  • Choose a manufacturer that not only has a good reputation for quality and durability but is also an exporter of Jepara furniture.
  • Long experience in manufacturing and exporting Indonesian furniture.
  • Also make sure to know the payment terms, delivery date and received date, furniture quality standards, and what is contained in the contract when contacting the furniture vendor.
  • Familiar with Indonesian furniture import regulations.

Republic Furniture is the best solution for buying Indonesian wooden furniture. This Jepara-based company has been involved in the Indonesian teak wood furniture industry since 1999.

Undoubted experience together with experts in their fields has succeeded in meeting Indonesia’s furniture needs overseas with delivery to more than 35 countries. Such as America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

There is a variety of indoor furniture, tables, sofas, chairs, and even lounges. Everything can be adjusted to suit the needs of housing, hotels, offices, and others.

Consult your needs via the contacts available at Republic Furniture now. Bring home Indonesian furniture that is guaranteed to be of high quality with satisfactory service to your country safely!