The improvement of human living standards is always accompanied by improvements in various aspects. One of them is in the aspect of residential comfort. Many people are now starting to switch to furniture that has high durability, such as Balinese outdoor furniture models from teak wood.

The advantages in terms of durability, strength, and natural beauty, make teak wood furniture a favorite to beautify outdoor areas such as green gardens. In the face of weather changes, furniture remains sturdy and durable. While its aesthetic value gives an elegant touch that is difficult to match by other materials.

If you have an interest in furniture from this premium material, it would be nice to consider the following outdoor furniture models as inspiration. Read on until the end to find out more.

Reference of Balinese Outdoor Furniture Model Nowadays

Balinese outdoor furniture models that are currently trending have ergonomic and high-quality designs without forgetting the balance of various compositions, such as the beauty of shape, color, comfort, and basic functions. Here are the recommendations for you.

1. Minimalist Modular Sofa

The popularity of modular sofas is still high that they are adapted for outdoor areas, such as green gardens. This teak wood frame sofa is equipped with soft cushions all around, either on the backrest, armrests, or the seat itself that can provide maximum comfort.

There are several reasons why you should have one. Modular sofa allows you to customize the layout of the sofa as per your needs. You can place them in different areas of the garden, organizing their layout to create a seating area for guests or a cozy reading nook.

CALYA OUTDOOR is an example of a product you can consider from Republic Furnitures, a manufacturer and exporter of best teak outdoor furniture. The modular sofa has a minimalist design without armrests that can give a grand impression. It is suitable to be placed in a large garden.

This modular sofa set consists of Three Deep Seating, Coffee Table, and Ottoman made of solid teak wood with soft, beautiful, and durable wood surface finishing, as well as waterproof cushioning.

Tips for arranging and using the modular sofa include placing it in a shaded area to protect the cushions from direct exposure to sunlight and rain, and adding a small table to complete the set as an additional place to put drinks and books. Thus, your garden becomes a stylish and comfortable lounge.

2. Geometric Based Teak Wood Model

The application of basic geometric shapes in teak wood outdoor furniture can add a special charm to your garden. In addition, this model can be combined with other basic geometric shapes to produce a simple but unique design. Just like the GALA OUTDOOR product from Republic Furniture.

This teak outdoor furniture set consists of four pieces, namely a single chair, a small sofa for two people, and a three-seat seating sofa to accommodate 3 people. All of them are designed in an interesting geometric shape.

The marble stone found on the table in this set also adds a luxurious and elegant touch to your garden space.

3. Contemporary Dining Set

In addition to teak furniture with sofa cushions, dining sets are often presented in today’s modern gardens, both for landed and commercial houses. This can enhance the outdoor dining experience.

The design trend of contemporary minimalist dining set is simple and elegant. Republic Furnitures offers various models of teak dining sets that are not only stylish but also highly functional.

Take KOSA DINING for example. This dining set consists of a table and chairs made of high-quality teak wood, aluminum with a dye powder finish that is in harmony with the desired color theme and water-repellent, equipped with a synthetic fabric that is very strong and tear-resistant.

So there is no need to worry about leaving it outdoors for a long time. You can place it under a shady tree or near a swimming pool to create a cozy, stylish, and multifunctional garden look.

4. Sun Lounger Cube

A sun lounger can be the perfect relaxing spot in your garden area to soak up the sun, enjoy the view and the breeze all day long. SUN LOUNGER CUBE is a modern take on the traditional sun lounger, with a minimalist and functional design.

Its simple and sleek box-shaped seat further enhances the beauty of teak wood as a comfortable place to lounge. The backrest adjusts to your body’s comfort for longer relaxation.

Place this chaise lounge in a place that gets enough sunlight. You can add an umbrella as protection, although teak wood already has a protective coating that can make it not fade quickly.

5. Minimalist Traditional

Minimalist traditional style outdoor furniture is also a trend nowadays. This traditional design on Indonesia furniture can reflect the symbols of power, nobility, and majesty since a long time ago.

This traditional Indonesian furniture is not outdated because it has been adapted into a minimalist concept. So that it produces the impression of high-value and elegant chair and table sets, such as the PUEBLA product, one of the Indonesian furniture models by Republic Furniture.

This set of chairs can be chosen by combining a single chair, a two-person chair, a single chair without one arm, a comfortable lounge corner chair, and a chair for footrest. All are equipped with white soft cushions that are very catchy combined with teak wood chairs.

The combination prioritizes understated elegance and focuses on simplicity in both traditional form and function. No need to worry about the changing weather outdoors as the seat cushion is waterproof and removable without compromising functional comfort.

6. Teak and Wicker Combination

The combination of teak and wicker on ANABELA OUTDOOR is a great alternative for those of you who want a different design from other minimalist outdoor furniture models.

The wicker design forms an aesthetic circulation pattern as well as being useful for creating a ventilation system on the chair which is very good when sitting for a long time. No need to worry because the wicker wood used is all-weather wicker that meets the standard specifications for outdoor furniture.

In other products, there is a dark-colored synthetic wicker option. Also available is wicker in the natural color of the wood to create a perfect blend with teak wood.

In addition, the seat section forms a slim curve that is specially designed to give you optimal comfort. Plus, the seat is upholstered in soft premium leather.

7. Stripe Pattern

Stripe patterns play a very important role in today’s outdoor furniture trends. Outdoor furniture sets with this pattern can make an impact on your outdoor area.

The horizontal lines on the furniture can direct the eyes from right to left, or vice versa. If you have a garden area that is not too large, then furniture sets with this line pattern are the best choice to create a spacious effect.

While furniture with vertical lines gives the impression of a green space area that extends upwards. It is suitable for your garden that does not have many tall trees.

Republic Furniture offers a variety of striped garden furniture sets. The DAMA OUTDOOR designed with a tight and unique stripe pattern is one of them. Combined with a water-resistant modular sofa and coffee table with a similar pattern, it makes your garden look beautiful and modern at the same time.

Another option is KORSIKA OUTDOOR with a thicker stripe pattern of solid teak wood. This pattern gives a strong and bold visual impression, adding an artistic dimension to the furniture.

Meanwhile, the mix of vertical and horizontal stripe patterns on PICARDI OUTDOOR can be an interesting alternative choice. The modular cushion provided allows you to configure the chair set.

8. Dark Teak Outdoor Furniture

Darker colored teak wood has gained a lot of popularity over the past year. Recognizing the trend, Republic Furniture also has collections with more interesting designs such as VENTURA OUTDOOR. This teak wood furniture set presents a distinctive European design by adopting more block shapes in its structure and details.

The decoration results in a timeless and majestic look of teak outdoor furniture. The darker wood color of the wood and the cushion further adds elegant luxury, as well as adds natural warmth to your garden space.

In addition, another advantage can be felt in the cushion part which is made of cool batyline material with extraordinary durability against weather changes and sunlight.

9. Custom-made Furniture

Custom-made furniture is the right choice. The reason is, here you can make adjustments to the conditions of the space. So that it can meet the needs of outdoor garden furniture that you want.

You can use one or two components from the furniture sets we recommend, or combine them for a more unique and maximized garden space.

In addition, you can also order furniture sets with the size and color of complementary elements according to your preferences and style.

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All Republic Furniture products use only premium materials. Teak wood as the main base material has passed SVLK certification. Other components are also of high quality, such as all-weather wicker, synthetic wicker, stainless, rope, and special powder coating for aluminum materials.

Each product is designed with detail and care to ensure unrivaled durability, comfort, and beauty. Reputation and commitment have brought Republic Furniture to be recognized in 35 countries.

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