Indonesia furniture – How often should you oil wood furniture? You must oil it 1 to 4 times a year depending on the conditions, such as room humidity and level of use.

Unfinished wood furniture pieces or those with oil and wax finishes have higher risks of cracking and warping. Therefore, homeowners must regularly oil it to prevent these conditions from happening. How often should you oil wood furniture?

The frequency of oiling wood furniture depends on several factors. One of them is the level of use. Wood furniture with a higher level of use will need a higher frequency of oiling. Moreover, wood furniture pieces located in a dry environment also need more oiling.

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How Often Should You Oil Wood Furniture?

Oiling your wood furniture will give you a couple of advantages. This method will not only protect your furniture from cracking and warping, but it will also restore the furniture’s look. However, you will only get these advantages if you regularly oil the furniture. 

How often should you oil your wood furniture? Homeowners must oil their wood furniture one to four times a year. However, you may need to oil your furniture more often in particular conditions. For example, you must oil it once a month during a dry winter.

As a general rule, wood furniture needs oiling when it starts to appear dry. Dry wood furniture generally appears dull or loses its shine. Moreover, you can perform a simple test to check whether your wood furniture is dry.

First, drop a few droplets of water on the wood furniture surface. If the furniture absorbs it quickly, it means it is dry. However, it doesn’t need oiling if the water remains on its surface for some time.

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How to Oil Wood Furniture

Oiling wood furniture will only give positive results if you do it properly. Below are several steps you must do when oiling your wood furniture.

  • Preparation

Items you must prepare before oiling wood furniture are several pieces of clean lint-free cloth, water, and wood polish or natural oil. You will need these items during the whole oiling process.

  • Cleaning the Furniture

The second step is cleaning the furniture. You need to thoroughly clean it using a damp cloth. Therefore, the furniture is free from dust, dirt, and grime. After that, dry the furniture immediately using a dry clean cloth.

  • Apply the Oil

Take another piece of a clean cloth and wet it with wood polish or natural oil. Next, use this cloth to wipe or rub your wood furniture. You must wipe the wood furniture in the direction of the wood grain.

  • Wipe Away the Excess Oil

The last step is waiting for the wood to absorb the polish or oil. It may take about 20 minutes. After that, wipe away the excess oil with a dry cloth.

Tips for Oiling Wood Furniture

For best result, you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 above. In addition, you will get the best result if you use the best oil for wood furniture

Some homeowners prefer food-grade oil for oiling their wood furniture because it is safer for tables and countertops. Several natural oils you can use to oil your wood furniture are coconut oil, a mix of canola oil and vinegar, and a mix of olive oil and lemon juice. 

Frequent oiling can prevent wood furniture from cracking and warping. How often should you oil wood furniture? You need to oil it one to four times a year, depending on the condition. However, if it is too late to oil it, you may need to call to get a new one.