prioritas – What is the best oil to use on old wood furniture? The best oils to restore your old furniture are lemon oil and mineral oil. Both are harmless for wood furniture. Caring for old wood furniture is more complicated than caring for new wood furniture. Aging or oxidation on the older furniture forces its owner to work hard to restore the furniture’s beauty. One of the ways to revive its beauty is by applying the best wood oil. What is the best oil to use on old wood furniture?

Wood oils are excellent products for restoring the beauty of untreated wood furniture. However, some wood oils may be too harsh for older furniture. Therefore, you need to use an ideal wood oil for your old furniture.

What is the Best Oil to Use on Old Wood Furniture?

Old wood furniture may have an unattractive color. Oxidation has caused the wood to lose its original color and shine. Thankfully, applying an oil treatment on this furniture can restore its beauty.

The best oils to use on old wood furniture are non-drying oils. These oils are less harmful than drying oil, such as tung and linseed oils. However, it is essential to remember that not all non-drying oils are food-safe. Therefore, you must only apply it to particular furniture pieces, such as bookshelves and cabinets.

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Below are the two most recommended oils for old furniture.

  • Lemon Oil Wood Polish

Lemon oil wood polish is a non-drying oil for caring wood furniture. This oil will penetrate the wood grain and then slowly evaporate when you apply it to old wood furniture. Moreover, lemon oil wood polish offers many advantages.

  • This oil gives an attractive shine and a fresh fragrance to old wood furniture.
  • Lemon oil is suitable for both finished and unfinished wood furniture.
  • This non-drying oil protects wood furniture from drying and fading.
  • Lemon oil helps furniture owners easily remove dust and dirt without harming and drying the wood furniture.

How to apply lemon oil on wood furniture? This oil is easy to apply. Spray unfinished wood furniture evenly with this oil. After that, wait for 5 minutes for the furniture to absorb the oil. Next, wipe the excess oil using a soft cloth.

On finished wood furniture, apply the oil using a soft cloth. After applying the oil, follow the last two steps above. 

  • Mineral Oil

Mineral oil may not offer as excellent protection as tung oil, teak oil, and Danish oil. However, this oil will not harm your old furniture because it is non-toxic. In addition, mineral oil has a superb ability to bring out the natural grain on wood furniture.

Therefore, applying this oil will help your old furniture restore its beauty. In addition, mineral oil offers decent protection against cracking. However, this protection does not last long. Therefore, you need to reapply this oil rather often.

Late reapplication will cause your furniture to appear dry and dusty. In addition, mineral oil is only suitable for indoor wood furniture because it does not give a waterproof layer to the wood furniture.

An Alternative Product to Care for Old Wood Furniture

Aside from those two wood oils, you can also restore the beauty of your old wood furniture with wax. Wax will bring out the shine of your furniture. In addition, it can hide scratches and small dents. Therefore, your old furniture will appear new after you wax it.

Wax will also protect your old wood furniture from future wear and tear. Moreover, the protection offered by wax can last for years on your wood furniture. Some wood wax products can last for up to 5 years. However, highly-used furniture may need rewaxing once in one or two years.What is the best oil to use on old wood furniture? Lemon oil and mineral oil are superb oils for old wood furniture. They are less harmful to the furniture and capable of restoring the furniture’s beauty. If you need beautiful wood furniture without oiling, please contact us at