jepara indonesia furniture – How do you keep wood from rotting naturally? Some natural ingredients you can use to preserve wood are canola oil and vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil and lemon, and pine tar. Wood is a highly durable material. However, this material is not susceptible to rot or deterioration. Wood fixtures and furniture will have higher risks of rot if their owners do not apply any treatment on their surfaces. How do you keep wood from rotting naturally?

Some homeowners apply wood paint or sealer to prevent their wood furniture from rotting. However, there are several methods on how to preserve wood naturally. These methods are eco-friendlier than applying wood sealer and wood paint.

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What Causes Wood Furniture to Rot

Despite the durability of wood furniture and fixtures, particular conditions will fasten their rotting process. The main cause of rotting wood is fungus. Fungus feeds on wood particles. Consequently, wood furniture and fixtures will start to weaken and break down.

The fungus only lives in wet wood furniture and fixtures. This is why outdoor wood furniture and fixtures have higher risks of rotting quickly due to exposure to rainwater and dew. Consequently, fungus will live in them.

Moisture and water will also cause wood to crack and shrink. These conditions will trigger moss, algae, and other organic growth. As a result, the wood will discolor.

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How Do You Keep Wood from Rotting Naturally?

In consequence, homeowners must protect their wood furniture and fixtures from moisture exposure to preserve them. What to put on wood to keep it from rotting? Homeowners have several choices of products to protect wood furniture and fixtures. 

Some of them are natural ingredients they can find at home. Below are four eco-friendly methods of how to keep wood from rotting.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent wood preservative. This oil will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. As a result, fungus and other organic matter will not grow on the wood surface.

You must wipe your wood furniture and fixtures with a damp cloth before applying the oil. After that, rub some coconut oil on the wood surface. This oil will not only protect wood furniture from rotting, but it will also revitalize and replenish its look.

  • Olive Oil and Lemon

Homeowners who don’t have coconut oil can opt to naturally protect their wood furniture using a mix of olive oil and lemon. You need three parts of olive oil and two parts of lemon juice to create this mix.

Wet a polish rag with this mix. After that, use the damp rag to rub your wood furniture and fixtures. This mix will protect them from rotting. Moreover, it will add a refreshing lemon fragrance to the air.

  • Canola Oil and Vinegar

Another method of how to reserve wood furniture and fixtures is rubbing them with a mix of canola oil and vinegar. This natural wood preserver will protect your wood furniture and fixtures from wear, tear, and burrowing insects.

  • Pine Tar

You can also use pine tar to preserve your wood furniture and fixtures, especially those located outdoors. This method is not new. People have used pine tar to polish boats, roofs, poles, and fences for hundreds of years. Therefore, it is a proven method to keep wood from rotting.Using natural ingredients to preserve wood is eco-friendly and safe. How do you keep wood from rotting naturally? You can do it by rubbing the wood surface with coconut oil or pine tar. If you need to replace your rotten wood furniture, you can visit