prioritas – Unfinished wood furniture pieces need regular oiling to preserve their look and quality. You can use various wood oil types for oiling your wood furniture. However, it is essential to know that different oils offer dissimilar periods of protection. How long does wood oil last on wood furniture?

Knowing the wood oil’s period of protection helps you determine how often you must oil your furniture. Therefore, your unfinished wood furniture will get maximum protection and last longer.

How Long Does Wood Oil Last on Wood Furniture?

Unfinished wood furniture loses its natural oil due to age, use, and weather element exposure. Therefore, its owner must apply wood oil to replace it. This oil will soak into the wood grain and offer several advantages. 

One of these advantages is reviving the shine and beauty of the furniture. In addition, wood oils can protect wood furniture from UV light exposure, fungal damage, and insect defects. 

Several recommended wood oil types you can apply on your furniture are teak oil, tung oil, Danish oil, and linseed oil. How long do these oils last on wood furniture?

  • Teak Oil

Teak oil offers excellent protection against water stains and UV rays. In addition, it can restore the beauty of wood furniture. Teak oil is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wood furniture. However, many people prefer to apply it on outdoor furniture due to its superb UV ray protection.

How long does teak oil last on wood furniture? Some sources said teak oil offers three-month protection. Therefore, you must apply this oil every three months on your furniture. 

  • Pure Tung Oil

Pure tung oil is natural wood oil that comes from the nuts of tung trees. This slow-drying oil will bring out the beauty of the wood’s natural color. In addition, tung oil offers the wood surface a waterproof finish. This oil is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

How long does tung oil last on wood furniture? Tung oil offers a year of protection. However, a particular environment or wood furniture may cause you to apply tung oil more than once a year. You can reapply this oil when your furniture starts looking dull and dry.

  • Danish Oil

Danish oil is an excellent wood oil for indoor and outdoor furniture. This oil offers better water resistance than teak oil does. Therefore, it can prevent wood furniture from rotting.

In addition, Danish oil offers the wood surface a beautiful semi-gloss finish. To get this protection and beautiful finish, you must apply 3 to 5 coatings of Danish oil on your wood furniture. 

Danish oil is easy to apply and can give years of protection. It offers 2-year protection for indoor furniture. Therefore, you only need to reapply it every two years. However, on outdoor furniture, Danish oil can only last a year.

  • Boiled Linseed Oil

Boiled linseed oil is a slow-drying wood oil type that offers a semi-gloss finish. This oil will hydrate wood furniture and protect it from moisture and fungal damage. However, boiled linseed oil is only suitable for indoor furniture.

The protection from linseed oil can last for two years. You only need to apply this oil on dull areas on your furniture when reapplying this oil.

How long does wood oil last on wood furniture? It depends on the type of oil. Teak oil, for example, offers a three-month protection. Meanwhile, Danish oil offers 1 to 2 years of protection. Please visit if wood oil can no longer revive the look of your furniture.