teak outdoor furniture – How many times can you oil wood furniture? The frequency of oiling wood furniture depends on the type of oil and element exposure.  Oil finishes on wood furniture can give several advantages, such as protection and improving the beauty of the wood’s natural color. Therefore, wood furniture with oil finishes will last to its maximum durability and have an attractive look. How many times can you oil wood furniture?

The frequency of oiling wood furniture must not be too often or too seldom. Over-oiling and lack of oiling can have negative effects on wood. Therefore, you must oil your furniture at an ideal frequency.

Negative Effects of Over-Oiling Wood Furniture

Oiling can protect wood furniture from rot, water stains, insect defects, and fungal damage. Moreover, oiling wood furniture can also prevent it from warping, splitting, or cracking. However, you can only get these advantages if you properly oil your wood furniture.

On the other hand, over-oiling will have several negative effects on your furniture.

  • Sticky Surface: Coating your furniture with too much oil will cause inadequate drying. Therefore, your furniture will have a sticky surface. This condition can cause discomfort for those using the furniture.
  • Staining and Discoloration: The sticky, oily film on over-oiled furniture can also trigger discoloration and staining. The sticky surface will attract dirt and dust, which can cause discoloration and staining.
  • Blotchy: Over-oiling may also cause the wood to become blotchy. These dark spots are not easy to remove.
  • Fungal Attack: Over-oiled wood furniture is prone to fungal attack if the furniture is in a humid area. Fungal attacks can cause discoloration and rot.

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How Many Times Can You Oil Wood Furniture?

You must oil your wood furniture sufficiently to prevent the side effects of over-oiling. How often should you oil wood furniture? The frequency of oiling wood furniture depends on several factors, such as the oil type and element exposure. Below is the frequency of oiling wood furniture based on wood oil types.

  • Linseed Oil: Wood furniture with linseed oil finish needs reapplication every two years. Linseed oil is only suitable for indoor furniture.
  • Danish Oil: Those who use Danish oil to oil their indoor furniture must reapply it on the furniture every two years. However, they must reapply the Danish oil each year on outdoor furniture.
  • Tung Oil: Wood furniture with a tung oil finish needs oil reapplication at least once a year. This furniture needs more reapplication in a year if it is dry and dull.
  • Teak Oil: Outdoor wood furniture with a teak oil finish needs up to four reapplications a year if the furniture is in a dry environment.

How to Oil Wood Furniture

Properly applying wood oil on wood furniture can maximize the protection it offers. Below are the steps for applying wood oil.

  • Preparation: Prepare the wood furniture by cleaning it from dust, old finishes, or the aging layer. In removing the dust, you can use a slightly damp rag. After that, wipe dry the furniture. 
  • Application: Apply the oil to the wood furniture using a lint-free cloth. Wet the cloth with the oil. After that, evenly rub it on the wood furniture surface. It is essential to rub the cloth in the grain’s direction.
  • Drying and Recoating: Let the oil dry. Some wood oils can dry in less than 6 hours, but others need 24 hours. After the oil is dry, you may need to recoat the furniture 2 to three times.

How many times can you oil wood furniture? Wood furniture needs one application in two years to 4 applications per year, depending on the oil type. Now that you know how to care for wood furniture, you can purchase new wood furniture at https://republicfurnitures.com/contact-us.