indonesia teak furniture – What oil is best for wood furniture? The best oil depends on the furniture type and wood species. Teak oil is best for outdoor furniture and Danish oil is best for indoor furniture. 

Various finishes are available for wood furniture. Some of these finishes are varnish, paint, stain, and oil. Amid these choices, oil is relatively popular among homeowners. They like this finish because it can revive the wood’s look and make it last longer. What oil is best for wood furniture?

The best oil for furniture depends on several factors, such as the location of the furniture and wood species. Therefore, you need to consider these factors when choosing wood oil for your furniture.

The Best Oil for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs more protection than indoor furniture because it gets the element exposure. UV rays and water will cause outdoor furniture to quickly lose its beauty. In addition, this exposure also affects the durability of outdoor furniture.

Below are the most recommended oils for wood furniture.

  • Pure Tung Oil

Pure tung oil is the product of tung tree seeds. The Chinese have used tung oil for oiling wood furniture, wood constructions, etc. since 400 B.C. 

Pure tung oil is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. However, applying this oil on outdoor furniture will be more beneficial for your furniture. This oil will protect wood furniture from fungi and bring out the wood’s beautiful color.

The China wood oil gives a matt finish to your furniture. Moreover, it is food-safe. Therefore, you can safely apply it on patio coffee tables and dining tables. However, pure tung oil is expensive and needs 24 hours to dry. For maximum protection, apply three coats of tung oil on your furniture.

  • Teak Oil

Teak oil is not the product of teak trees. Its ingredients consist of pure tung oil, linseed oil, varnish, and mineral spirits. This wood oil is excellent for indoor and outdoor hardwood furniture. However, it is best for outdoor hardwood furniture because it can protect it from UV rays exposure.

Teak oil offers less darkening finish compared to tung oil. Moreover, it dries faster than tung oil. Teak oil only needs 2 to 6 hours to dry. However, using teak oil will require you to reapply it on your outdoor furniture every three months.

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What Oil is Best for Wood Furniture? (Indoor Furniture)

Indoor furniture gets more protection from the element exposure. However, it does not mean they don’t need oiling. Oiling indoor wood furniture will make it more attractive and durable. The two best oils for indoor furniture are as follows.

  • Danish Oil

Similar to teak oil, Danish oil contains various ingredients, such as synthetic resins, tung oil, varnish, and linseed oil. This composition makes Danish oil easy to apply and dry quickly. This oil will dry in 2 to 6 hours.

Danish oil offers excellent water protection and a satin finish. This food-safe oil will only slightly darken your furniture. In addition, it is suitable for both softwood and hardwood.

  • Linseed Oil for Wood

Linseed oil for oiling wood is boiled linseed oil. This oil is food-safe and suitable for indoor furniture. Moreover, it gives a beautiful satin finish to your wood furniture. However, it takes 24 hours to dry and does not offer excellent protection from mold.

Which oil is best for wood furniture? Teak oil and tung oil are best for outdoor furniture, but Danish oil is best for indoor furniture. You can safely apply those oils to Republic Furniture’s products. If you need to consult your wood furniture needs, please visit