jepara furniture – What is the best way to care for wood furniture? Cleaning, refinishing, and protecting furniture from the elements are some ways to care for wood furniture. Wood furniture needs maintenance to preserve its beauty. In addition, proper care can make your wood furniture reach its maximum durability. Unfortunately, not all furniture owners know the best method to care for their wood furniture. What is the best way to care for wood furniture?

Caring for wood furniture is not a simple process. It takes several actions and products. Moreover, caring for wood furniture depends on the wood species and furniture types. For example, teak furniture requires less maintenance than the furniture of other wood species.

What is the Best Way to Care for Wood Furniture?

Caring for wood furniture requires several methods below.

  • Cleaning Wood Furniture

Cleaning is one of the essential steps in caring for wood furniture. Cleaning can free your furniture from dust and dirt, which can cause scratches. Moreover, it frees the furniture from grime which can reduce the beauty of wood furniture. What is the best way to clean wooden furniture?

To remove dust from your wood furniture, you need a damp microfiber cloth. After wiping the dust with this cloth, dry the furniture using a dry, lint-free cloth. This method is only suitable for wood furniture with a protective layer.

For untreated wood furniture, you can clean the dust using a dry microfiber cloth. In addition, removing grime from your furniture requires warm soapy water or wood cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. Wet the cloth with warm soapy water and use it to remove the grime.

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  • Refinishing Wood Furniture

Refinishing your wood furniture will bring out the beauty of your furniture, protect it from fungi and insects, and slow down the aging process. Wood furniture with an oil finish needs at least oil reapplication once a year.

However, wood furniture with varnish or stain needs refinishing every 3 to 5 years. It is essential to use the best product when refinishing your wood furniture. Therefore, your furniture will get proper protection and an attractive look.

  • Protect Wood Furniture from the Elements

The element exposure can cause many side effects to your furniture. Some of these side effects are discoloration, warping, splitting, and cracking. Therefore, you must protect your furniture from the elements. Below are several tips for protecting your furniture.

  • Close your window curtains to prevent your wood furniture from direct UV ray exposure. 
  • Rotate the location of your furniture.
  • Store your outdoor furniture in the winter or during rain.
  • Keep your furniture from direct exposure to heat.
  • Do Minor Touch-Ups 

The last method of how to care for wooden furniture is doing minor touch-ups. Your furniture will get scratches and dents over time. Therefore, you must do minor touch-ups to remove or hide the scratches and repair the dents. Below are two tips for conducting minor touch-ups.

  • Tips for Removing Scratches: One of the ways to remove scratches is by rubbing them using a microfiber cloth dipped into a mix of oil and vinegar. You can also hide scratches using touch-up sticks.
  • Tips for Treating Dents: Fixing deep dents needs wood filler or water putty. Moreover, you can also place a wet cloth above the dented area and iron the cloth.

What is the best way to care for wood furniture? The best ways to care for furniture are cleaning, doing minor touch-ups, and refinishing. However, you don’t need to do all of them if you have low-maintenance furniture. Please visit if you want to have this furniture.