indonesia teak furniture – Deterioration is a normal case when you have wood furniture, so you have to find how do you keep wood furniture home from deteriorating. Check the tips here. Deteriorating is inevitable to wood furniture. This case occurs when it is already old because of its nature. Ambiance, weather, and many other factors contribute to it. However, you can make this process go slower. How do you keep wood furniture home from deteriorating?

Before you take some action, you have to know the signs of wood furniture deteriorating first. When it looks dull and old before it should, you have to start with some tips below. Follow some simple tips here to maintain its durability for years.

How Do You Keep Wood Furniture Home from Deteriorating?

Cleaning The Wood Furniture Regularly

The most crucial action to protect the quality of wood furniture is cleaning it regularly. You do not have to be extra while cleaning. Simple steps such as wiping the surface to remove the dust can do. This step can prevent dirt or dust build-up. Plus, it does not need a lot of energy.

How often do you have to clean the furniture regularly? You can do it at least once a week. If you find dirty spots or stains on the surface, use a certain formula to remove them. Again, it is not tiring because this action can kill bacteria that may cause deterioration.

teak Indoor furniture republicRefinishing The Furniture

It may be a lot of work, but you can enjoy this process because it is a simple project that you can do. The old home furniture may have an old lining that should be removed. The finishing that looks dull can be bolder again by coating the surface with paint, either water-based or oil-based.

Some other activities in how do you keep wood furniture home from deteriorating are sand smoothing and removing stains. While removing stains is easy, sand smoothing is more complex because you have to use sandpaper correctly. The output looks good, but you have to coat that part to make it shine.

Preventing from Heat

Heat always creates issues for wood furniture. Exposure to sunlight almost every day is the reason why the deteriorating process on the furniture is very fast. Do not put the furniture in an area where it gets sun exposure. It decreases its lifetime. The deteriorating process may be faster than it should be.

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Avoid Any Spillage

Spillage becomes a serious reason if you do not remove it quickly after it happens. Spilled foods and drinks can deteriorate wooden furniture quickly. They are residue and the wood can absorb them fast. Besides leaving traces on the surface, it invites bacteria and germs to deteriorate the furniture.

Waxing The Furniture

You have to buy wood waxing. Though you have to spend some additional costs, waxing can help a lot to protect the furniture from germs and bacteria. The result of waxing is better because it is glowing. Choose a beeswax formula to make it more elegant than before.

Although deteriorating is the case that you can make it slower by doing some tips above, your furniture might need special treatments because wood furniture is different. Contact for consultations and suggestions on how do you keep wood furniture home from deteriorating.