teak outdoor furniture – Why does home furniture go yellow and we never get to see the change gradually? Find out some reasons so you can avoid this case in this article. Some home furniture will turn its color into yellow after a few years. This is normal and common, but it means it looks old and dull. You have to know why does home furniture go yellow because you can maintain its original color as long as possible. 

There are some different reasons why the furniture’s color changes. You can prevent this from happening when it is just a few years after purchasing. By knowing its reason, you can avoid it and protect its color. Check out some reasons here.

Why Does Home Furniture Go Yellow?

Bad Lighting in The Room

The main reason why home furniture turns yellow is the bad lighting in the room itself. Poor lighting is when the room is dark when it is the day and it is too bright at night because of the light from the lamp. This difference led to unstable lighting conditions. Home furniture with white color turns its color easily.

There is a term “chromosphere” which means that naturally, the home furniture will turn yellow. To prevent this case, you can make sure the natural lighting from sun exposure is enough to get through the window. It will balance the amount of light in the room, as well as the home furniture.

The Result of Oxidation

Oxidation is one of the reasons why does home furniture go yellow. It is a natural process that you cannot fight, especially for oil-based paints. Over time, it slowly changes into yellow because of a reaction with oxygen. The only solution to this problem is repainting the furniture.

What kind of paint is perfect to use to prevent oxidation? You can rely on water-based paints or acrylic paint. The acrylic is an excellent option for the home furniture that has white color. The finish looks so satisfying to see. It is even better than using latex paint.

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Humidity Issue in The Room

This is a common issue for many houses with high humidity. Moisture, however, can be controlled as long as you have a proper tool for this. high humidity is the main reason for discoloration, especially white furniture. Over time, the surface of the furniture changes into yellow.

It is also possible if your house has leakage that you can control it by checking any leakage that may happen. After that, you can solve the leakage problem first. For other reasons such as smog from cigarettes or cooking, you have to remove the stains first and then repaint.

Bad Ventilation

A room with bad ventilation can cause discoloration on the furniture. So, you have to check the ventilation in the room as well. Circulation is when the room should be in good condition where the oxygen outside can go in and bring out the whole smog because of activities in the room.

Yellow furniture is a case that you can always avoid. After knowing why does home furniture go yellow, you can minimize the risks. Some reasons might be unseen and you can ask for a consultation about your furniture a and get proper solutions for your home furniture.