Jepara furniture – Rotting on the wood furniture is annoying, but you have to find what stops wood from rotting. Follow the suggestions in this article for maintenance.

Wood rot is a minor issue, but it can be bigger when you never try to control it. It can occur anywhere because of a certain condition that forces you to do some action. What stops wood from rotting and how to do it for long-lasting wood quality? Check some solutions here that you can apply soon.

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What Stops Wood from Rotting?

Stopping any Leakage

Leakage becomes the most possible reason why rotting in wood occurs. So, check the area around the wood because there must be excessive moisture when the rot is wet. Or else, move the wood away from that area. Wet rot sign is the growth of mycelium and some other fungus.

Controlling Moisture

Moisture in the area, especially indoors, should be controlled because it means the humidity is very high. It is the perfect place for bacteria to grow. So, what stops wood from rotting is checking the humidity first. Make the level of moisture in that place lower.

Killing The Fungus

Rotting can be from fungus growth on the wood as well. If it has happened, you have to kill the fungus first to stop it from rotting. Fungus will not be able to grow more if the area has boric acid. This material is safe to spread and can treat wet rot as well. It makes sure that future rot will not happen.

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Painted with Waterproof Paint

Waterproof paint is a solution to stop the wood from rotting. Waterproofing becomes a good barrier to the surface of the wood. It is a layer to protect from water or spillage. When it gets wet or spillages, the barrier will be a layer that wood will not absorb.

There are many good paints which are waterproof in the market. Though the main function is waterproof, these paints can beautify the color of the roof as well. Adjust its color with the theme of your house or other stuff as long as it is appropriate.

Fixing Air Circulation

Air circulation should be fixed because it has the potential to let fungus grow on the wood. Ventilation in the room is probably bad because the room traps the bad air inside. If you use an air conditioner, check its capability as well.

Having Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a great tool to stop rotting on the wood. It decreases the level of moisture, so the room can be drier. A good quality dehumidifier has a tank to store the excess of the moisture in the room.

Installing Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan is one of the solutions that you can rely on because it decreases the moisture inside the room. It helps the room with bad air circulation because of poor performance from the ventilation. However, exhaust fans cannot be installed from room to room. It should be inside and outside.

Those tips above are what stops wood from rotting. The furniture made from wood becomes stronger and long-lasting. There are more solutions and tips that you can get by consulting with in case you have special wood furniture at your house.