Indonesia furniture – The foyer room in a property is an important area because this is usually the airlock area in winter. The foyer area can block the cold air from outside so that it doesn’t directly penetrate the interior. Therefore, anyone who enters through the main door will immediately take off their coat, raincoat, jacket, hat, and umbrella. 

In countries with two seasons. The foyer area is not that important. They only have the living room which they will see once they open the main entrance. However, along with developments in property design and cultural shifts, the foyer area begins to rise to the surface. People in big cities now are becoming reluctant to receive guests at home. 

The shape of the foyer area can vary with the furniture collection in the design concept. Wooden furniture is always the top choice because of the warm and ethnic artistic elements that this material has. Houses in different countries use the same wooden furniture layouts in different ways. Especially if the interior designer has applied certain concepts such as rustic, Bordeaux, Japanese, or other iconic ones so that they match the overall interior concept of the house. 

However, this foyer area is like a lobby in a hotel or hospital. This lobby will welcome guests with a certain concept so that it gives a certain impression. 

The Minimalist Foyer in Japan

The houses in Japan have Genkan. This is a foyer room that doesn’t have a lot of big furniture taking up space. Genkan usually has distinctive wooden walls with wooden shoe racks attached to them. Sometimes this wooden shoe rack also has a seat on it to make it easier for people to wear shoes. 

Next to the shoe rack, there is a hanging pole for hanging umbrellas, jackets, car keys, or coats. Underneath there is usually a minimalist design chair as a foothold. You can imitate this Japanese-style foyer area by using sturdy teak wood material. 

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Bordeaux Foyer with Antique Wooden Furniture

A spacious house is best if it has a Bordeaux foyer whose inspiration comes from the 18th century. The wide open door of a house will reveal the side of the foyer where a mirror with a wide wooden frame hangs on the wall. In front of the mirror, there is a round vintage coffee table with one tall and thick leg supporting the entire surface. 

Then there is a long wooden chair with thin arms and a backrest. This chair is in another corner of the foyer opposite the wide mirror. The overall color of this teak wood furniture should follow an earthy tone color so that it can balance with the black and white ceramic floor. 

Well, you cannot always find suitable wooden furniture designs for your foyer. You need professional help to make custom wooden furniture. So, you can contact us immediately. We will come to your place to see the compatibility between your foyer and the designs you wish for.