Jepara furniture – An architectural design that can adapt to local culture, uses traditional techniques, and gets any impact from the socio-economic aspects of the local community is truly captivating. This is vernacular architecture where a group of architects take inspiration from the local wisdom of an area. He didn’t create traditional architecture originating from local culture. He developed local culture to build traditional houses that received other architectural touches such as modern and minimalist styles. 

You may have seen in big cities modern houses that resemble the Gadang House in West Sumatera, Indonesia. Then traditional Japanese, Korean, and American houses which integrate with contemporary architecture that already uses technology-based building techniques. 

It’s no wonder that many people apply vernacular architectural styles to the properties they want to build. Then they thought about the interior by using wooden furniture which they custom ordered from the nearest professional craftsman. Wooden furniture is most suitable as part of a house that has a vernacular architectural style. Teak wood material as the world’s number one wood is sturdy and durable. 

Teak wood also has beautiful natural striped motifs all over its body. When you apply wood paint or certain finishes, these natural streaks will radiate even more beauty. 

How Long Should the Ideal Lifespan of Teak FurnitureTable Design in the Living Room

Houses that have a modern minimalist vernacular architectural style usually place great emphasis on design details for each room. You could take inspiration from the consul table for the living room. The consul table, which we always find in the foyer area, has an elongated base and narrow width. Then the flat top surface of the consul table is usually a place for various decorations such as a flower vase, framed photos, or table lamps. 

If you use the consul table design as a table for the living room then you have to adapt it to the chairs, cabinet, sideboard, and other furniture there. You can make a custom console table with legs not too high so that it can blend n with a three-seater sofa or other types of living room chairs. 

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Classic Sofas in Various Rooms

A house that has inspiration from local culture would be better if it uses a classic sofa as part of its interior. The classic round-arm sofa design is perfect for you to place in the living room. The classic round armrest is its trademark. This sofa reminds us of Grandma’s comfortable house. So many people call it grandma’s couch. 

The classic sofa made from teak wood will last longer, even for decades. Don’t forget to provide some upholstery with natural motifs such as flowers native to your area with the base color of a vintage sofa. This sofa can also be classy and expensive if you use evergreen fabric colors such as dark brown, maroon, or black for the upholstery. 

Besides, you can choose a sofa with a slim camelback and a high arch in the middle of the backrest. This uniquely high curved section resembles a camel’s back with the arms at backrest level at both ends. It also has open legs and doesn’t have pillows. The traditional and elegant style of this sofa will suit the main bedroom or living room in your vernacular house.

You may need professional help from a craftsman for the proper design now. So, you can contact us immediately. We will do a brainstorming with you before deciding to use what designs for your traditional modern look house.