teak outdoor furniture – The trend of houses with laminated flooring or properties with floor decking seems to be increasing from year to year. How many pieces of quality wood they will grind into powder? Next, this sawdust will become a beautiful and neat laminate parquet. Some others also use wooden decking for outdoor floors. 

The backyard area where there is a swimming pool becomes even sweeter with the use of wooden decking. However, there is a little worry for wooden furniture lovers. Instead of making the indoor or outdoor space more aesthetic with the placement of wooden furniture, it looks overlapping. 

The atmosphere becomes more awkward because the color of the wooden floor clashes with the wooden chairs and tables. So how do you get around the overlap between wooden furniture and wooden floors?

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Find the Right Craftsman

You may be planning the installation of wooden floors yourself without the help of an interior designer. Likewise with choosing wooden furniture. You just buy it in a shop without discussing it first with a professional craftsman. In the end, what you get is just function. Meanwhile, the aesthetic value and concept are completely contradictory. 

You can only be successful in mixing and matching wooden furniture with any type of wooden floor if you meet the right craftsman. Professional craftsmen know the right composition for the custom wooden furniture they will work on to support interior and exterior layouts with wooden floors. 

It’s not just about playing with paint colors. This is also a matter of finishing the layers of wooden furniture and how the lighting is in the room. They also understand the flow of how the overall surface finish of teak wood furniture. Will it be matte, blackwash, shiny, whitewash, shou sugi ban, or just natural? Adjusting to the look of the wooden floor is very important. 

Dark brown wood decking with a bold shine on your terrace floor will be very attractive if you combine it with a sectional or mid-century sofa made of pale cream teak wood. Meanwhile, a bunk bed that has a top and bottom log design with the original teak wood color from the forest will blend nicely with the light gray wood floor with faint white streaks. 

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Custom Wooden Furniture Makes a Difference

There is a reason why someone prefers custom-made wooden furniture rather than having to buy one that is already on display in a shop. This will make it easier to match with the wooden flooring that you have installed in your house. You just need to tell the wood craftsman what the color of the wooden floor is, what the lighting conditions are, and what design you want.

The time you need to wait for this teak wood furniture to be ready is much worth it rather than having to search everywhere for wooden furniture that best suits the floor in various shops. You are also free to choose a design like a modular lounge chair that you can install and remove for various purposes. Then you can choose a catchy emerald green puzzle dining table set for the light brown wooden floor in your kitchen. 

Making custom teak wood furniture makes a difference. So, you can contact us now to make your custom classy wooden furniture that best suits your decking floor. You will see what’s the differences we talk about then.