teak garden furniture – Traces of the glory of the Ottoman Dynasty are visible in the architecture of the house, mosque, and palace. Ottoman houses themselves are masterpieces that follow the configuration of the land when people build it. Hundreds of Ottoman houses in old cities have now been converted into cafes, restaurants, accommodations, bars, and shops. However, the original design is still the same.

Many Ottoman house designs now are following the current modern trends. The functional, sturdy, high-walled, simple, and aesthetic Ottoman house has become a source of inspiration for building houses throughout the world. Especially in Asian, European, and American countries. 

Preparing the Best Bistro with Quality Wooden FurnitureThe Unique Part of Ottoman House

The service area of this house is on the ground floor where there is a barn, warehouse, and furnace. Then, on the top floor, there is the main living room, bedroom, and family room. The bedroom and living room connect each other with a cumba. A cumba is a large window that projects out onto a garden. 

From this cumbia, you can even call and chat with your neighbors. That’s why homeowners usually place wooden tables and chairs under Cumba to make chatting more fun. 

The old Ottoman house usually has a combination of wood and stone as a whole with a unique shape. The basic design of this Ottoman house has inspired many architects around the world to create contemporary modern versions. Then interior designers responded by creating layouts where several wooden furniture can provide appropriate highlights. 

The size of an Ottoman house like Yali which is on the seashore is usually spacious. Some wooden furniture such as teak lounge chairs and bookshelves will also follow the proportions of the existing room. The roof also has intricate wooden details. Apart from that, the garden that surrounds an Ottoman house needs aesthetic 

wooden benches so that this house is not unique but also more beautiful.

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Banquet Table Design

Unique and large Ottoman houses are often a gathering place for the whole family or certain communities. If they don’t eat together in the garden then they will take a place inside. Upstairs near the Cumba is a good dining room area with a long banquet table made of teak wood. 

You can bring a table design with a surface that forms super wide pieces of wood as if you took teak wood from the forest without going through the finishing process first. Then the four legs of this rectangular table are thick like the logs you get after chopping wood with an ax in the yard. 

Give the table a coloring that emphasizes its natural side, such as dark brown or honey brown on the surface of the table. Then you can make a custom Lawson arm chair for the dining chair. You can make a chair with the armrests lower than the back from teak wood without adding soft material to the seat. 

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