indonesia teak furniture – The design sector still admires the concept of simplicity and clarity in producing detailed products. Returning to the ‘less is more’ concept is not bad considering that this concept will only lead you to the best materials to create quality furniture that has high resistance to weather, termites, and dominant forces.

This is a suitable concept for teak wood. You can let teak wood furniture reveal its original, aesthetic color and is suitable for all eras. The bold golden brown color with intricate grain motifs has been an attraction for decades. Many designers create high-quality works of art such as collections of tables and benches using real teak wood. The function of this wooden furniture is optimal because the material is minimal. 

The exploration of the “less is more” concept using teak wood material for furniture is currently popular. Craftsmen and designers choose contemporary modern design ideas to fit into this ‘less is more’ concept. In one room such as the living room, you only need one sofa and one teakwood coffee table. However, you need to apply a rich detailed design and choose colors that will be the highlight of a room.

Design Ideas from a Teak Wood Plank

The board can be a simple concept or ‘less is more’ when you entrust your ideas to it. Provide a board the size of a table whose width you adjust to the size of the room. This board that curves upwards on the right and left sides will form the surface of the table. 

Meanwhile, the four table legs have a medium-sized cylindrical tube shape. At the bottom of the table, there is a space to place newspapers, and magazines or put your feet up when sitting. This flat compartment has a thin teak wood surface with Jepara carvings on all sides. Apply one classic teak color to the entire side of this table. 

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Loveseat Sofa Design

Then complete the table in this living room with a minimalist sofa. You can take a loveseat design for two people with a backseat that keeps the back straight. The size of the sofa is not too big but it is quite elegant with a sturdy teak wood frame. The color of this sofa’s legs is light brown, almost cream, and the color of the sofa upholstery is dark grey or maroon.

There is no other furniture around the table and sofa. You have to leave the floor looking open, wide, and empty because the stars of ‘less is more’ in this living room are the two teak wood furniture. 

When you place a sofa bed and a TV cabinet inside a family room, the two of them also can be the highlight items. You just have to think about the detailed designs and colors. 

If you find it difficult to catch the ‘less is more’ idea for your property’s wooden furniture, you can contact us now. We will help you to arrange the best plans professionally.