jepara indonesia furniture – Have you ever realized that a certain type of table doesn’t fit in a room? It’s so weird. Like when you see a round wooden coffee table for a cafe but you find it in the living room of your friend’s house. There is nothing wrong with the table design. However, you think it shouldn’t be there. Your friend took the table home because he liked the atmosphere of the cafe and the coffee table.

There are many misuses of table design that occur around us. But as the days go by, we can see that there is artistic or aesthetic value that we can gain from this misuse. Meanwhile, professional craftsmen can create works that are out of the box from this misuse. They don’t care about whether the table design deviates from existing rules or not. They only measure the suitability of the table design for a room and how it balances the concept of the room.

Best Choice Recommendations for Teak Wood Furniture for Modern Minimalist Home DesignsUnexpected Console Table Ideas

We usually find console tables in the entryway or hall of a property. The shape of the tabletop surface is flat and not too thick. This table also only has corbels as support. There are no four legs that normally support a table. On this table, there are usually photo frames, a flower vase, magazines, or other displays. 

Then this table, which is similar to a shelf, has become a multipurpose table with various shapes. Sometimes even with additional legs as support. So you can put this table in almost any room because you can put and store things on it. 

Like when you use a console table design as a dressing table. We know that a dressing table in a narrow room can take up a lot of space. With a slim console table, you will have an adequate dressing table. You can add a mirror with a wooden frame above the console table. Don’t forget to add supporting legs if you feel there is too much weight on this table.

Then another console table design idea is a flat TV table and a row of unique low cupboards. You can just hang a flat TV on the wall. However, for the reason of inconvenience, you prefer to place a flat TV on a console table that has a wide surface. Apart from that, you can arrange several console tables in a row to function as item storage.

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Bar Tables for Kitchen Furniture

You must have seen tall bar tables, that have an elongated shape, don’t have a wide surface, and have several bar stools of the same height. You can copy this bar table design idea for a dining table in the kitchen. 

You can make a custom bar table that attaches to the wall. When you cook, you can use this table as a support for preparing cooking ingredients, cutting meat, and serving food for a small family lunch. Kids will enjoy sitting on a high bar stool while forming the dough that you have prepared on this teak wood bar table. 

Well, if you need professional help to support you in getting the best misuse table design but an artistic one, just call us now. We will hear what you think about the design and decide then.