teak outdoor furniture – Startup offices ideally carry a fun, flexible, and modern minimalist concept. The interior design can be varied according to the products they produce. They can imitate Google’s colorful offices or other unicorn startup offices’ interior design ideas. Wooden furniture is important in the interior design of a startup office. This wood, which will provide a touch of warmth, comfort, and balanced modernity, doesn’t only have artistic value.

The function of this wooden furniture can be optimal. Like when you place a sofa bed made of teak wood in the restroom or playground at the startup office. The function of this wooden furniture is as a spot to rest the body or sleep at the same time. However, with quality materials such as teak wood as the frame and soft cushions as a seat and backrest, you can maximize other functions. 

The Psychological Function of a Sofa Bed

Many employees probably like to lie down for a long time on one sofa bed inside the restroom as this is that comfortable. A strong sofa frame will support the whole body well and firmly. Meanwhile, the soft cushion makes it comfortable. Then the color and motif of the sofa bed are eye-catching. How important wooden furniture is for the interior. It brings the psychological function too.

How about bringing this design to your sofa bed at the office? A long sectional sofa bed with short grayish legs will fill the restroom for workers. The soft cushion uses soft velvet or cotton fabric that covers the whole teak wood frame. This sofa bed also has a section that you can extend when you need it on the left side or end of the sofa. 

Don’t forget to add a side table for placing coffee, snacks, and some papers that you are reviewing. Then, the room won’t be too empty if you add a TV on top of a sturdy teak wood cabinet. In their free time, employees can play games or watch their favorite shows. 

Sometimes a small kitchen will be attached to this restroom. This small kitchen will have a wooden kitchen set with a contemporary minimalist design where each compartment will store the food, snacks, and instant drinks for everyone.

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Open Thinking Space

Sometimes creative ideas don’t emerge during meetings or when work on assignments is in progress. It would be better if a worker got on a wide round wooden platform in the center area of a hall. There is a round wooden table with attractive colors that inspire him such as sky blue, mint, emerald green, and cream on this platform. 

Then there are two or four ottoman chairs that we usually use as footrests at home. These chairs surround the table. That employee who is stuck with the ideas can bring his laptop to this table. Then he will move around the table for inspiration. If an idea comes up, he can sit on one of these short chairs to write it down. 

So, if you need professional help to make the perfect wooden furniture for your startup office, do contact us immediately. We will do a brainstorming to decide the design and the real look of the furniture you wish for.