teak garden furniture – The dining room is thse most pleasant gathering place on the property. Whether it is a private room, office pantry, or break room in a factory. People can eat anything on the table, drink, and tell any stories that brighten up the atmosphere. The more comfortable the furniture in the dining room, the longer the conversation time will be.

The chair that supports your body for some time brings you a feeling of comfort that sometimes you don’t realize. Likewise, the dining table is an item for several dishes. A dining table that is at chest level for most people is quite standard and makes it easy for them to eat. Just like the height of the chair matches the height of the table. 

Choose the Material Wisely

Sometimes we do a foolish thing. We pursue a beautiful design, however we don’t pay much attention to suitability for the height of our family. Other times, someone might get a dining set whose size makes the dining room at home look awful. Likewise choosing the color of the dining set. 

This will be different when you see a dining set in a shop with good lighting and a bright floor. When you take that dining set home, it looks so much different. Therefore, it would be better if we made a custom wooden dining set. 

The wooden dining table and chairs that we order from professional craftsmen will make us more satisfied than those we buy directly in the shop. You can determine the design, size, and color yourself to suit the vibe of the dining room at home.

The wood you choose must also be strong, sturdy, weather resistant, termite resistant, and durable for decades like teak wood. You need to be careful in choosing this wood material considering that the cost of making custom furniture is also quite high.

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Ranch Concept Dining Room

Talking about wood, this is appropriate to carry the ranch concept for a dining room. Woodenness on all sides of the room will be the best support for this concept. You can bring in a round teak wood table that has crossed legs. This table with a shiny honey-brown polish will be beautiful if you complement it with the right chairs.

Slim-legged wooden chairs with a crisscross lattice backrest will have a color that matches or is a shade lighter than the color of the table. Then, there will be a wooden cabinet in the corner of the room as a storage for food ingredients and eating utensils. 

That cabinet has the same color as the table but it has no glossy on the surface. This cabinet should look simpler but classier than other furniture in the dining room.

If you have a plan to make custom wooden furniture for your dining table, you can contact us now. We will guide you to have proper furniture from teak wood for any concepts of your dining room.