Natural lighting and ventilation is what underlies the emergence of the tropical home concept. There will be no use of air conditioning and other electronic equipment that can consume more electrical energy in this house. During the day the use of lights is also minimal. That’s why the construction of the structure of this house really pays attention to the aspect of natural lighting that comes from the sun.

The room where activities go well during the day is not dark and is naturally bright. This tropical house is also suitable for using wooden furniture that is resistant to all weather conditions. 

Teak wood from Indonesia is a material that you can rely on for making furniture in your tropical home. The design can also follow dynamic market trends and not just be an old model that doesn’t seem suitable for your modern minimalist home.


The Colors and Patterns of Wooden Furniture

There are several things you need to check to be able to complete the interior of a tropical concept house. You should at least bring in natural elements such as strong wooden furniture, natural colors, natural motifs and minimize the use of plastic materials. You also have to pay close attention to how to use teak wood furniture and design it with appropriate colors.

You can combine teak wood with soft fabric material as a sofa seat or lounge chair backrest. Then choose natural shades such as soft green, light blue, bronze, and light brown as paint for the indonesia teak furniture

Besides that, the motifs on the sofa cushions, chair backrest, and viruses are also important. Chair backrests can have images of green leaves, beautiful animals like those from the avian family, and other images related to what exists in nature.

Layout of Wooden Furniture in the Living Room

You can arrange teak wood chairs and table with designs that you can adapt to the living room you want to build. If you like a rustic impression, you can place a one or two seater curved sofa with a table that is the same length as the sofa. Then across from the sitting area there is a square wooden console table topped with a tropical theme painting.

You can also place a mini sideboard in the corner of the room if you need something to store a number of small items. Then if this room often becomes a communal space, you also need to provide additional chairs made of teak wood. A lounge chair with or without arms can be an option so that several people can join in the flow of your conversation while taking important notes.

You can do the planning right now for the wooden furniture together with a professional craftsman. You can contact us for brainstorming the ideas and let us show you the beautiful results of our work. This tropical home concept can be the greatest idea ever for your sustainable living ways with the wooden furniture you can rely on.