Outdoor parties are always people’s choice nowadays because it’s more fun and free. Exclusive party events for only ten to twenty people have now moved to outdoor areas using tents. The tent is sturdy, its size can even be as high as the structure of a house, and you can really rely on it.

Meanwhile, wooden furniture is the highlight of this outdoor party venue. A long teak wood table will be in the middle of the tent where you can place various foods, drinks, and other props. You can also place chairs with a special outdoor design around the table or in the corner of the tent. You are free to determine the layout of all the tables and chairs in this spacious tent.

Aesthetic Wooden Chair Designs

You can put aesthetic chairs into the tent. This chair will be a great outdoor prop during a photo shot too. You can choose the type of chair yourself to become a wooden chair design for custom maked by jepara indonesia furniture

Wooden lounge chairs with slim legs and lattice shaped support backs can be a beautiful choice for outdoor parties of more than 10 people. Meanwhile, for a more intimate, exclusive outdoor party, you can make custom adirondack chairs. This chair has a classic style and long-lasting comfort when you sit. The armrests are also wide so you can relax and join the outdoor party while chatting with each other.

This tent with chairs will be ideal if you install it in the garden or on the beach.


Chair Design for Relax Under the Tent

Outdoor party with a tent also has lounge chair style with backrest so you can relax before or after swimming in the pool. You can usually find this teak wood chair which has a backrest design that leans back and has a low seat in beach areas or private indoor swimming pools.

You will be comfortable sitting on chairs with an elongated design under a large tent with friends who are also enjoy the party with the music playing. You can make this type of outdoor chair custom according to the design you want. However, you may want a wider backrest to support more of your back or vice versa. So, you can tell your craftsman immediately before they make this chaise lounge chair.

End Table with Sofa or Wooden Camping Table

For wooden tables in the tent, you can choose according to your needs. Exclusive outdoor parties can have sofas and end tables. You can place several one seater sofas complete with end tables which are also made of teak wood that is resistant to bad weather. There are only around 5 to 7 people who will occupy the tent during the party.

Next, you can add a folding wooden camping table and chairs if more people join. You can ask craftsmen to make all this custom wooden furniture so that it can meet your outdoor party needs under a tent. So, if you need a helping hand from a professional in wooden furniture, do not hesitate to call us right away.