teak garden furniture – Luxurious and elegant townhouse designs have become the highest value of the property. However, complementary a house with a townhouse concept with wooden furniture in darker colors is a way to follow current trends. Your luxury home can follow what’s trending without reducing the value of the townhouse itself.

Darker wood colors such as teak wood are the right choice as a material for making furniture. Darker wood colors can stimulate the brain so that what we see will give the impression of luxury, elegance, and classiness. You can make custom tables, chairs, sofas, dining sets, and TV cabinets from teak wood with a darker natural color or with darker wood upholstery. 

The Hits Darker Wooden Furniture to Decorate Your Townhouse

Lively Living Room

The living room occupies the first position as the room that people most often want to go to when visiting a colleague’s townhouse. A lively living room is not only because of the right lighting system. It is also because of the selection of appropriate furniture. 

Wooden furniture with colors that are darker than usual such as dark brown, darker gray, or broken white which is more on the same level as light gray can be a trending color choice for chairs and tables starting this year. You can arrange sideboards, TV cabinets, cupboards, and lampshades made of darker teak wood in such a way. 

Pay attention to the direction of lighting in your living room. Lighting should not be an obstacle for your furniture to reveal the natural beauty of its color. Next, when you want to make custom furniture, you prepare a contemporary and modern design to support current trends. 

Now you can make a table inspired by a sideboard where the table has an area to store several chairs underneath. If you search on the internet, you can find the term ‘puzzle chair’. this table is good for welcoming relatives or acquaintances who are in the same circle to feel more intimate. 

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Elegant Entertainment Space

There is one part of a townhouse concept home that often becomes a valuable solitary place for its residents. This is a family room where a sofa with a luxurious design will blend with the TV cabinet and coffee table. This sectional sofa, which has a quite large seating area, has a footrest which is also made of teak wood. You can take out the footrest so that your sitting position can be more comfortable when watching TV.

Then the TV cabinet will be a place for you to display your TV complete with an adequate sound system. Currently, there are so many TV cabinet designs that can fit large and long sofas. Next, you can place a coffee table on the opposite of the sofa where you can put your drinks and foods. 

So, if you need a professional team to make your custom darker wooden furniture for the house, you can call us immediately. We will do whatever designs you bring and you’ll see the big differences inside your townhouse then.