Many people currently are building residences with modern, minimalist designs, good aesthetic function, and trying to be close to implementing eco house design. The problem of environmental damage has become worrying lately, so people are competing with each other to build attractive, modern, minimalist residents, but the potential to damage the environment is small.

So, you can strengthen the eco house concept where the use of energy resources such as electricity is minimal by using wooden furniture as interior ornaments. Wood material is a part of nature whose weathering can in the future be integrated back into nature.

However, sturdy wood like teak takes tens or even hundreds of years to decay. This is the strongest type of wood from Indonesia furniture which is suitable as part of the interior of your eco house.

The Exterior of an Eco House

You can combine teak wood furniture with the exterior of your eco house. Starting from garden chairs, lounge chairs on the terrace, simple table, and shoe rack. If this is a minimalist eco house with a narrow garden or backyard area, then you can just place outdoor lounge chairs on the terrace or garden.

This can be a long chair without a back with straight slim legs or a lounge chair with a back and cushion. You can place two to three chairs there. Meanwhile, the table is optional because a minimalist terrace is usually just a place to sit and relax without any other activities that use a table such as eating, drinking or writing.

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The Main Interior of an Eco House

The concept of a living room inside an eco house usually combines an open space where there is a small garden with a living room in a more closed area. So you can take advantage of the bright light from the open space to illuminate the living room during the day or evening. In this living room you can place a wooden sofa whose width will adjust to the area of the room.

You can choose between a curved sofa that is quite long or a minimalist two seater sofa with a pouf puff stool chair for a footrest. Then you can use the end table as a table in the living room that integrates with the sofa. With the eco house concept, the choice of design and color of furniture here should interconnect.

Next, we go to the green open area where you can put a coffee table and two lounge chairs. Reclining chairs are also quite suitable for relaxing seating in a small garden in a living room. Then, with the help of a professional craftsmen team, you can make a custom folding wooden table that attaches to the wall in that open area.

So, if you want to get the best charming result of the custom wooden furniture for your eco house, you can contact us immediately. We choose only the greatest wooden material that will last longer. You will love the finishing furniture because we do the contemporary and classy designs ever.