Jepara furniture – The charm of South Korea never runs out of things to talk about. People all over the world admire almost all of South Korea’s culture including its traditional houses. Traditional Hanok houses have sturdy wooden pillars with walls made of wood and soil. Then the door, window frames and wall coverings usually use traditional paper.

Some of the furniture in the Hanok is mostly made of strong wood, resistant to termites and easy to care for. Indonesian wood such as teak is good as furniture material to warm your Hanok house. This combination of the concept of a Hanok house with teak wood furniture will be a beautiful work of art from two large Asian countries that the world has been paying a lot of attention to lately.

Wooden Furniture for Activities on the Floor

The uniqueness of traditional Korean Hanok is the heating system or Ondol which comes from the stone layer under the floor. If the Ondol is on then the floor throughout the room will feel warm and you can do all activities on the floor. You can cook, eat, drink, play, or even sleep all night on the floor. Therefore, Hanok owners will usually focus on wooden furniture that they will use for activities on the floor.

One of the wooden pieces of furniture that stands out is the tea table. This is similar to a coffee table with a round or square shape and various sizes. People drinking tea would sit around the table talking on the warm floor. You can make a custom wooden tea table according to the design you want.

If you are not familiar with sitting directly on the floor because your back hurts without support, you can provide a special chair design. The chair has no legs but with a backrest that follows the position of your back when sitting for a long time on the floor can be a wie choice. 

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Typical Korean Wooden Cupboard

A Hanok wouldn’t be complete without a typical Korean cupboard which is dark wood, looks sturdy, with iron handles on the outside and lots of compartments inside. 

You can create a custom cupboard design for your Hanok house using teak wood complete with Jepara carvings on the outside and sides as an accent. Next to the cupboard there will usually be a wooden dressing table set with a mirror that has a carving frame.

The color of the dressing table will be the same as the cupboard next to it to compensate. This small to medium sized dressing table usually has a small stool without a back that you can store under the table after dressing. On the lower right side of the dressing table there are some small drawers for storing make-up equipment, hair ornaments, and much more.

If you want to fill the Hanok with the proper wooden furniture, you can call us immediately. We will help you in a professional way to provide the best furniture.