teak outdoor furniture – Wooden furniture is always the best choice for those of you who live in a compact studio apartment. You can order custom wooden furniture with sizes that suit the size of the room. Starting from bed, chairs, tables, cupboard to shoe rack. Slim, elegant, and contemporary designs are always the choice of compact apartment residents.

However, they want this mini apartment which is not too spacious to still look cool, warm, and classy. If you have received permission from the owner of the apartment building to include a number of wooden furniture, then you only need to contact a craftsman near you to make the custom furniture.

Decorate a Compact Apartment with Minimalist Wooden Furniture

Folding Wooden Furniture

Compact studio apartments really need wooden furniture that doesn’t require a lot of space. You can order custom wooden furniture of various designs to suit the conditions of your compact apartment. The choice of folding furniture can be profitable.

You can order a multifunctional bed where this bed can also be a sofa when you don’t want to sleep. Maybe you still want to chat with friends on a teak wood sofa bed while drinking and eating. Then just before you go to bed, you can extend the sofa to become a comfortable bed.

Besides the bed, you also need to have a folding wooden chair. You can buy one or two folding chairs to use as chairs when eating. You can also move this folding chair to the veranda as lounge chair to enjoy the night sky while eating cup noodle. Don’t forget the wooden folding table that you can attach to the wall so it doesn’t fall when you fold it. This table can be a dining table or desk, too.

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Console Table with Mini Cupboard

On the opposite of the bed you can place the console table with the top surface along the wall of the apartment. At the bottom, there is a mini cupboard where you can store clothes or shoes. You can even make a long cupboard attached to the console table where you can store clothes with hangers.

So, you have to really pay attention to the practicality of storing items in a compact studio apartment. Then at the top of the console table, you can place a flat TV. You can also watch TV comfortably because it is at eye level.

Complementary Wooden Furniture

You can still make wooden furniture as a complement if the size of your apartment allows. Like the shoe rack near the entrance. You might be able to buy a plastic shoe rack on the marketplace. However, teak shoe racks can be furniture that protects your footwear day and night.

Then you can order a towel rack with a contemporary design which you can place on the veranda. There is no need to worry about the harsh sunlight during the day because this teak wood material is strong and can withstand all weather conditions.

You can contact us to make some wood furniture that best suits your compact studio apartment. We will let you know the suitable designs that suit your cozy apartment.