teak garden furniture – The hallway is a bridge that connects one room to another room with a different vibe. The hallway often looks dark or dim with minimal lighting because it is a place to just walk to another room. However, if you put one or two eye-catching objects, people will definitely stop for a moment to look at them.

For some people, the hallway can be a place of consolation or relaxation for a moment before starting something else in another room. So, why don’t you change a hallway that makes people walk slowly because there is something interesting like wooden furniture? You can put a custom console table made of teak wood as a spot to display a beautiful vase with fresh, fragrant flowers there.

Slowly Walk Down the Hall as We Have Eye Catching Wooden Furniture

Important Points to Place Wooden Furniture

There are some important points you should take care of before placing the wooden furniture in the hallway. You need to find what they use, how necessary it is, the design and the proper colors of the wooden furniture there. When you place a vase with fresh flowers, the calming effect will become the highlight of the hallway. Likewise you put a unique painting on the wall with a Jepara carving teak wood frame.

Don’t forget to use proper lighting so that people can see the furniture well. Apart from the table, you can also place several wooden lounge chairs facing a large window. Just like a hallway in a museum or performance hall. The design of the lounge chair can be simple but eye catching enough with the legs resembling cat feet or other iconic animals.

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Bright Colored Bookshelf in Your House Hallway

The hallway is usually a fairly long narrow area. Therefore, you should choose to paint teak wood furniture in bright colors such as white, yellow, green, light blue, and a combination of rainbow spectrum colors. You can place a row of books in your collection on a wooden shelf in your hallway area.

Adjust the size of the wooden shelf to the area of your hallway so that anyone who passes through it can be comfortable. If you have to stop for a whi;e to look for a book, make sure you are ready with the right lighting.

Cat House from Teak Wood in the Hallway

Your pet cat also has a house or playing stage made from teak wood in your house hallway. You can ask for professional help to create a custom cat house or platform with the right design and color. You should not use dark colors so that your hallway doesn’t look gloomy.

The cats that inhabit the hallway area will attract anyone passing by and ultimately the hallway of your house will become more lively. So, to have some great wooden furniture for your hallway, you need to call us right away. We will guide you to make custom wooden furniture that best your hallway and other rooms inside your house or office.