indonesia teak furniture – Newborn babies until they are three years old already need their own furniture to store their necessities. They also need baby equipment for playing around and sleeping tight. Parents must be sensitive to this baby’s affairs in order to protect the baby well. Since childhood, babies have received the best furniture made from teak wood so that their bodies are always healthy and strong.

Parents also don’t have to replace furniture because of poor materials. Baby equipment that you can make custom from teak wood includes baby beds, baby cribs, baby sofas, baby dining chairs, mini rocking chairs, baby swings, climbing arch, and many more.

Young mothers can also discuss with their husbands about the design, color, and use of a number of wooden furniture so that when they meet craftsmen, the can find the right point for each other.

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Wooden Baby Beds

You must have a baby cot even when the baby is three months old. Sometimes babies have to sleep alone so that mothers can enjoy their free time in their parents’ bed. A baby cot can also be a lifesaver when they have to sleep separately from parents who have the flu.

Custom Wooden Furniture for Baby Equipment

Cots for babies usually have a modern minimalist design with four sides of protection in the form of latticework. Parents can check through the grid whether their baby is awake or not while doing other activities such as preparing baby milk. Soft white, pink, light green, and light blue colors will be suitable for cribs for three years and under old babies.

Baby Closet with Many Compartments

A teak wood baby wardrobe with a contemporary design where there are lots of compartments is what mothers really need. Mothers can store baby dry underwear, casual everyday clothes, clothes for leaving the house, various pairs of socks, blankets, cloth diapers, even cloth hats, and baby gloves.

So, mothers don’t need a lot of space to be able to store all of this baby equipment because one closet or cupboard with lots of compartments is enough. Then you can also match the color of the room walls and baby bed. Soft or bright colors can be an option to make the room’s atmosphere more lively.

Climbing Arch for Babies Over 11 Months

Babies who can crawl and waddle usually like to climb things around them. You can make a custom climbing arch from sturdy wood with a smooth surface. This baby furniture for daily play has a unique semi-circular shape where the entire top has a tight grid.

Babies over 11 months can climb it back and forth under parental supervision. Some climbing arch products can be a mini rocking chair too. This is a safe rocking chair where babies can sit and shake his bodies like dirty dancing. Parents should make it custom in order to protect the babies well.

So, if you need a helping hand from a professional craftsman to make all kinds of wooden furniture for babies, you can contact us immediately. We will discuss everything about the design and the colors you wish for.