jepara indonesia furniture – The study room in a house is always at the top of the list of rooms that help someone complete their primary tasks. Whether it is office work or school work, for kids, the study room can be a boring place. Meanwhile, the study room can be a quiet, solitary place for adults to complete office work. So, to add an aesthetic image that soothes the eyes and balances the mind, you need to give a rustic look with old wooden beams. 

These wooden beams come from teak wood, which you can use to make all the furniture in the study room. The rustic concept itself in a room can provide an element of soft, rustic warmth. The wooden beams with a contemporary design will give your room a dynamic, modern atmosphere.

Old Wooden Beams for a Rustic Look in Your Study Room

Is That a Beam from the Forest?

The rustic concept with wooden beams only uses wooden logs directly from the forest without special treatment, such as going through the varnishing and painting process. You can do it. However, to achieve an eye-catching aesthetic, the artisans will shape the wooden beams from nature according to the customer’s order design with the right size and wood paint.

You can determine the design yourself and to what extent the wooden beam can create a natural rustic impression in your study room. If you use this study room alternately with kids, you have to think about it carefully to make adults and kids happy to concentrate there for a long time.

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Office Table and Chair with Wooden Beam Design

The essential furniture in a study room is a table and chair. You can make custom tables and chairs by maintaining the shape of the wooden beams. You can make the surface of an office table in the shape of a rectangle or square as flat as possible with a curved bottom as if it were a piece of wood from a teak tree. 

If necessary, you can make unique Jepara carvings to make the rustic impression stronger. Then, at the feet of the table legs, you can highlight slightly thick teak wood beams on all four sides. Meanwhile, for a chair in the study room, you should make relaxing stools with a wide wooden back as if you were scrapping wooden beams from a teak tree to form a grid on the back. 

Then, on the seat, you can add soft fabric with light foam inside to make it smooth when sitting for hours. If you want to combine an office table with a cabinet to store several documents and books and display photos, you can use thinner teak wood beams to make the cabinet frame. This can be good that the office table set doesn’t look too thick and crowds the room.

If you have many ideas to give a rustic touch inside your study room but find it challenging, you can contact us immediately. We will visit your place to see how everything will go well with your design.