Indonesia furniture – Contemporary designs for wooden furniture today tend to be more minimalist, functionalist, and practical, such as drame designs for beds that use teak wood. The bed frame is not only for placing a mattress on top but also for storage underneath. You can store clothes, handkerchiefs, socks, or even dry snacks. 

The creativity of the artisans also extends to the bed frame, which integrates with the sofa bed. You can sit on the sofa bed when you want to watch TV and relax while doing assignments. Then, when you are ready to go to bed, you can pull the bottom of the sofa to extend the frame so it can turn into a bed. This frame only comes from one type of legendary Indonesian wood, teak wood. 

For different design needs, you can combine teak wood with other materials such as mahogany, polywood, or iron. 

Contemporary Bed and Sofa Bed Frame from Legendary Wood

A Single Bed Frame

The single bed frame can use teak wood throughout with a design you can make yourself. By using a bed size of 120 x 227, you can maximize the function of this legendary wooden bed. This single bed design is like a general bed but with a storage box under the bed. The storage box will have many compartments.

You decide whether to make a storage box under the bed by pulling it out. Then, you can make a storage box at the tip of the bed with a handle to pull the storage box. Next, the head of the bed can also be a spot to put things such as cellphones, glasses, or drinking bottles. 

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A Multifunctional Sofa Bed

Someone usually chooses a multifunctional sofa bed because the room space is manageable. This may be a studio apartment that cannot store much furniture. However, you can still try one type of furniture with two or three functions. This teak wood furniture can become a sofa, a soft bed, and practical storage. 

Suppose you want a multifunctional sofa bed in your apartment, but it isn’t easy to describe the frame design. In that case, you can contact professional artisans who usually handle custom orders for their customers. With careful design details, you will be able to have a sofa bed that is easy to use and operate. 

When ordering a sofa bed with a design like this, you also need to match it to the area of the room. Don’t order a multifunctional sofa bed, which, when you extend, becomes a bed. It ends up suffocating the room.

So, when will you build a new bed or sofa frame from teak wood? You can contact us immediately to help you decide on the design and to work on it. We have so many design references and a team to do so. You can determine what materials to use to build the bed frame, whether it is full of teak wood or a combination of teak wood and other materials. Hopefully this article can add inspiration to you and your beautiful room.