Jepara furniture – You may notice no difference in look and layout between one office and another. Even though the business fields they run are different, the look and interior layout are the same. You see the same reception counter, similar office tables, the exact height cabinets, precisely the same sideboard design, chairs in the waiting room, and much more. 

You may want something new in the office where you can emphasize the look of your office, which is different from most offices. 

All the Wooden Furniture You Need to Emphasize the Look Inside Your Office
All the Wooden Furniture You Need to Emphasize the Look Inside Your Office

Points to Elevate the Office Look

The first thing you can do is think about furniture materials that can elevate the look of the office interior to a higher level. Teak wood is the most elegant choice for your office and commercial building. Next, you can determine the most up-to-date design that can last a long time, and the trend will last for several years to come. 

Then, the most important thing is also the choice of color for teak wood paint, which is not always brown; it can be honey or natural. You can choose trending colors such as monochrome, pastel, teal blue, emerald or pistachio green, and baby pink.

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The Reception Counter from Teak Wood   

The reception counter is what you see first when you enter an office building. It’s like this counter area is the face of the company. However, it only partially represents what the office runs for business. Placing the right reception counter in terms of design, material, and color can elevate the upbeat vibe of an office. Make sure you are applying the design there too much.

The reception counter that welcomes guests should have an attractive design. If necessary, unique, such as a curved, semi-circular design or forming a company logo. Your company logo may have a cat’s eye shape. You can also take the reception counter design to create a cat’s eye with an attractive color. 

Teak wood is suitable as a reception counter, which can receive up to 20 guests daily. The characteristics of this wood are sturdy and resistant to extreme air temperatures and lighting at any level. Next, you only need to adjust the counter’s length and width to the lobby area’s size.

Wooden Office Cabinet and Drawer

Unlike most offices, you don’t need a metal cabinet and drawer. Now, you can choose something more contemporary, and the model will last for decades. Teak wood cabinets and drawers are the most modern choice today. The design is just a little high or wide and can add a dynamic impression to your office interior. 

Next, you need to match the paint color of the wood cabinet to the color of the room’s walls, floor, and lighting. Remember to see the design and colors of wooden tables and chairs inside the same room, too.

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