teak outdoor furniture – All rooms in the home or office can use teak wood floating shelves to increase their aesthetic value. Maybe this original Indonesian teak wood will have such a heavy weight that it will not be effective if we use it as a material for floating shelves. However, you can custom-make this teak wood for any design with various sizes. 

You can even make small wooden toys from teak wood to decorate bookshelves. Meanwhile, when you use a floating shelf design to store a collection of books and toys in a room, you must entrust it to teak wood and the artisans who will do the work. You can apply any floating shelf design model according to the room’s conditions and the wall or platform where you will attach the shelf. 

Wooden Floating Shelf Ideas to Add the Aesthetic of a Room

Floating Shelves Without Sides

You can make simple floating shelves stacked upwards on walls or platforms at various points. The design is just a medium-sized teak wood board without supporting sides on the top, right, and left. You can also make this floating shelf arrangement to form the initials of your name, pictures of particular objects, or abstract shapes according to your imagination. 

If your wall color is only a primary color, such as plain white or light blue, then you can paint the teak wood shelves in a reasonably striking color. You can color the whole shelf yellow, orange, pink, or purple. Then, you can add Jepara carvings to the front of the board. Also, provide proper lighting above the shelf so you can enjoy the teak wood carving motif.

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Cube Floating Shelves

We often encounter the cube shape of floating shelves on various promotional platforms in malls or libraries. However, you can make the same cube floating shelves at home or in the office. Use teak wood material that is authentic and sturdy throughout time with eye-catching color finishes. 

Then, you can form a face on the wall with this cube floating shelf. There are two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. You can fill the inside of the shelf with books or unique wall decorations. Meanwhile, at the top of each cube, you can fill it with a small indoor plant pot. 

Diagonal Floating Shelves

The unique shape of floating shelves can also add elegance to the interior of your room. You can contact an artisan near you to make floating shelves with unusual shapes, such as diagonal shapes. You can store magazines, newspapers, and documents on this floating shelf. 

You can also place a tea, coffee, or powdered drink package collection on this teak wood floating shelf. You can place floating shelves in the kitchen, bedroom, living, and laundry rooms. So, having this idea will increase your inspiration, right? This way, the furniture will be stored neatly here.

If you need professional help to make this floating shelf in your building, you can contact us immediately. We will discuss the design and everything about the wooden shelves you need to beautify the interior