teak garden furniture – A house has some electronic items that we usually use every day. Starting from night lights, TV, magic com, computers, and washing machines. Someone may also have a sewing machine that has a wooden table support. Whatever the type of electronic goods, you can rely on teak wood furniture to protect them. 

Using teak wood is appropriate considering that this material is resistant to hot temperatures and anti-rotting because it is resistant to termites, and you can place it in any room. The teak wood furniture design as a place to store electronic items is currently attractive. Contemporary designs that are modern, compact, and flexible with valuable colors will always tempt homeowners to buy them. 

Others choose to make furniture such as custom teak wood TV cabinets because the result is more satisfying. They can bring their design by selecting the color they want and adjusting the size of the TV. How about you? Have you found a design that you like?

Unique Wooden Kitchen Table

The kitchen has several electronic equipment that make your work easier, such as a toaster, air fryer, magic com, and food processor. You can place these items on a wooden kitchen table to store kitchen utensils. This teak wood table can withstand the heat from the equipment body. 

If you use a table with a glass surface, this table has a high potential for cracking after a few hours. You can adjust the kitchen table’s design to suit the room’s size and the house’s overall concept. You can bring the unique design of this custom kitchen table to an artisan. 

You are interested in making a wooden kitchen table with a round top surface and table legs that form the body of a cute animal such as a cat, panda, or koala. The body of an animal as tall as a table, in general, supports the top surface of the table. Make sure you make the animal statue as similar as possible to the real one or resemble a cartoon to make it even more unique. 

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Wooden TV Cabinet Set

Many people are too lazy to use a TV cabinet because it looks annoying in the relaxing area. Either because the cabinet size is too big or the design needs to be better and old-fashioned. Or the TV often gets too hot when it’s in it. However, you will accept the custom tv cabinet if you know that a teak wood tv cabinet can handle everything.

You can store the TV in a teak wood cabinet without worrying about the heat spreading annoyingly when the TV is on for hours. Today’s TV cabinet designs are diverse and unique and have attractive color choices to suit your room concept. Meanwhile, you can adjust the room size if you make it custom by an artisan near you. 

You can use a contemporary design for a TV cabinet with a wooden table along the width of the TV on the top surface. There are several drawers underneath, too, and if necessary, there is a display shelf that is a set with a TV cabinet. Then, if you want something unique, you can make a wooden statue in any shape, such as the shape of a giant panda’s eye. The panda’s eye will stick to the top of the TV cabinet. 

So, if you need professional help making custom wooden furniture, contact us now. We will bring you the most magical designs and colors ever!