indonesia teak furniture – The bed designs you find on the market today are diverse. Wooden furniture is often chosen because of the unique designs artisans can explore and the variety of colors matching contemporary building concepts. Nowadays, bed designs also use wooden materials.  

Teak wood from Indonesia often comes in various versions. Some apply Jepara carvings to teak wood beds, and some make plain designs. You can choose a wooden bed design according to your needs or current trends. 

Various Wooden Bed Designs for Different Needs

Minimalist Wooden Divan Bed Design

Taking a design from Java, Indonesia’s many teak wood beds, is a wise choice. The low wooden bed model with a sturdy frame is currently prevalent. Many dream of a modern, minimalist, rigid atmosphere with a simple headboard. Apart from that, this cot model can also have a storage section at the bottom with lots of compartments. 

The beautiful hazelnut, satin, and honey colors will make the bed design in the main bedroom even more elegant. 

Wooden Sliding Bed

The wooden sliding bed design suits a single guy or kids’ room. With a single bed size but another bed underneath, you can share a room with roommates. Kids will also like the idea of a sliding bed because they can play on the top, and the bottom bed is full of toys. 

The bed frame is vital to support all the shocks above. The sliding bed design may look like most wooden beds in homes. However, you can make it a little different by using attractive wooden paint colors. 

You can use cheerful colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and sky blue for kids’ wooden sliding beds. Meanwhile, you can choose calmer colors for adult sliding beds, such as light brown, light gray, pistachio green, and many more. 

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The Wooden Bunk Beds

Solid hardwood like teak can be a good choice for a bunk bed design in your home. You can make custom bunk beds for kids, teenage or college-aged nephews, and even single women who want to share a room with their younger or older sisters. Nowadays, bunk bed designs rarely use iron. Many people have explored hardwood materials for making custom bunk beds. 

You don’t need to worry about the sturdiness of this teak wood bunk bed. Contact a professional artisan near you to make a custom bunk bed according to your chosen design. There is a high bunk bed with the section under the floor visible, so it is easy to clean the floor. Some also like the bunk bed design, which includes adding a sliding bed at the bottom if three want to share a bed. 

So, it’s clear that this place will be significant for your needs. Even more than just sleeping, using Jepara wood furniture from Indonesia will be very useful in many ways.

Those who live alone can also make a custom bunk bed where you can use the top part as a typing place as if you were on the mezzanine floor. Why don’t you contact us to help make custom bunk beds?