jepara indonesia furniture – A sofa bench will always stay in style if you place it in any room. A sofa bench makes the area warmer, solitary, and private. The size of this sofa bench is usually a little small and not too wide. Therefore, people often place them in narrow spaces such as window seats in the bedroom, kitchen corner, stairs, or attic. 

Simple Sofa Bench That We Always Like

Even though this is a small space, the quality of the sofa must be the best. This space often inspires, relieves the pain when stressed, and makes the body relax momentarily. You can use teak wood as the primary material for making a bench sofa frame. Then, you can cover the bench with soft cotton and foam in matching colors. 

You can design the sofa bench according to the surrounding conditions. If you can make a backrest and footrest, then you can do it. However, if the space is narrow, it is only enough for a seat, so you only need a frame as a strong and comfortable sitting board. 

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Sofa Bench in Small Mezzanine

As a truly private area, the mezzanine always needs enlightenment by presenting a sofa bench. You can freely determine the sofa bench’s design, color, and size as long as the mezzanine is still empty. The shape of the sofa bench frame for this area is the most comfortable. It would help if you did this always to be happy to return to that room again.

Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space
Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space

You can make a custom sofa bench like the seat of the king and queen in the Ariel Mermaid cartoon. The sofa is relatively small to medium, with small rolls resembling hair rolls at the ends of both sides. Then, you decide the color of the couch yourself. However, it would be better if the color of the frame matched the color of the floor and mezzanine lighting. 

Apart from soft cotton as a seat layer, you can also use other materials according to your needs. 

Sofa Bench Under the Window

The bottom of the window is often a space to unwind after being tired from work. People often sit under the window drinking coffee, eating snacks, and enjoying the gentle breeze through the frame. You can make a sofa bench as a comfortable window seat. 

After cooking in the kitchen, the mother can sit there to enjoy her meal that day. Kids can also play with their cats there. So, you can start planning to make a window seat now. If that is difficult, then you can contact us. We can guide you in creating an exciting design according to the conditions of your space, and you can choose the most appropriate one. 

The design could be as simple as placing a square bench frame along the human body when sitting with the knees extended. Then, you put a layer of cowhide on the seating part of the sofa. Because if you have this teak wood sofa, it will certainly make your house look even more charming.