jepara indonesia furniture – The attic space is usually an abandoned area where people often move useless things into it. However, as family members grow, the attic will become a warm place for them to live. You can maximize this roof space as a bedroom, a hiding space according to the kids’ imagination or a communal space where warmth spreads when everyone gathers.

Some wooden furniture can be the perfect highlight when you want to maximize the use of this attic. So, the first thing you can do is clean up the attic. You can clean the attic until there is absolutely no dust left and then start measuring the area of the room for making custom wooden furniture. You can choose the type of wooden furniture according to your needs.

Indonesia FurnitureWooden Furniture Based on Your Needs

A platform bed made of teak wood which is compact and easy for you to carry up to the attic can be a great choice. Focus on the four legs of this bed. You can make them very short and eye-catching. 

Then there is a sturdy wooden desk or coffee table that you can use to do anything while looking at the view out the window. You can also focus on a dining table with carpet seating so that the attic ceiling looks high.

You might just place a short minimalist cupboard in the attic. You can guide kids to store excess toys in the cupboard. Some parents also use the attic as a fun learning place for their children. The condition of the attic which is far from the ground floor where there are a lot of activities makes the kids’ concentration increase.

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A Flexible Workspace

You can use the attic as a place to calmly complete work such as sewing or writing stories. A short, rectangular wooden table with shiny honey brown lacquer can be a base for a portable sewing machine or laptop. You can open the attic window which is usually narrow so you can get fresh air while working there.

Next, you can place a teak wood towel rack in the corner. After you have finished sewing a shirt, you can store it hanging on the towel rack. Then for those of you who like to mix coffee, from grinding coffee beans with simple tools to wetting the powder with hot water, you can do it here. Just provide a special spot with a custom elongated table that will be the place for you to mix coffee.

When finished, you can serve coffee to special friends you invited to the attic. This attic also can be a show room where you show them the outfit you create on the towel rack.

Well, when you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture to furnish your attic, you can contact us now. We will make a working plan and the designs too to make some wooden furniture you need the most inside your attic. Don’t forget to share to us everything you have in your mind.