Indonesia furniture – Daily pass workplaces are getting more and more popular day by day. Someone who runs a business remotely to complete projects for several clients can breathe a sigh of relief because he can rent a daily office. They can rent a room for their team to do remote working daily, weekly or monthly. There are already tables, chairs, and other furniture that office tenants need.

As a daily pass office provider, you can work on providing the best service and facilities, right? The choice of material, design and color of furniture are important points that you must always prioritize.

Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space
Teak Wood Sofa Bench in a Limited Space

However, in big cities around us there are so many daily pass offices with similar layouts, similar wall paint even though the gradation is slightly different, and entry fees are quite competitive. You must be able to win this tight competition from many sides.

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Unique Wooden Furniture Design

One of the things you can highlight the most is furniture with contemporary designs that follow the concept of your daily pass office. You can choose the furniture material from teak wood. This original Indonesian wood is superior at keeping your room elegant, special and has a philosophy that people can accept from a furniture product.

You can take a unique design for the wooden furniture like chairs or desks. Maybe your daily pass office has an open air concept. So, you can balance the vibe of the room by providing a unique wooden furniture design that relates to the concept. A one seater sofa in fresh leaf green and a sami circular light brown desk for one user could be a unique choice. 

Open space concept with a transparent roof can make the bright color of the sky shine into the room and blend with the natural colored wooden furniture. You can place several same chairs and sofas inside your daily pass office.

Some tenants also need at least a drawer or sideboard to store files while occupying this room. You can provide a custom drawer or sideboard in the shape of a travel suitcase that you stack on top/ each drawer has a different color to store different types of items.

Contemporary Standard Design

The standard design of wooden furniture for daily pass offices often follows the design of furniture in most offices. Even though you are used to seeing the design everywhere, there are things that differentiate it. Like when you add a touch of Jepara carving to the front side of a tall cabinet.

You can choose the carving design yourself and what kind of coloring or finishing you will get. Communicate this to the craftsman who will work on making it. When you get a professional craftsman, you will have a contemporary standar design of your wooden furniture but in a different beautiful look.

Well, if you need professional help to make some wooden furniture for your daily pass offices, you can contact us now. We will provide everything you wish for according to our agreement at the start.