indonesia teak furniture – The Scandinavian design concept house has inspired mostly modern minimalist houses that we have seen up to today. Starting from the many applications of wood materials, the combination of colors and distinctive designs. People who use the Scandinavian concept in their homes always emphasize natural elements.

All furniture will have wood material. At least this is teak wood that they can really rely on and can blend with other natural touches from ornamental plants. People all over the world are currently infatuated with teak wood from Indonesia. Especially if the furniture they order custom has stunning Jepara carvings. This style doesn’t clash with the Scandinavian home concept. It’s all just about naturalness, beauty and the harmony of the layout.

Preparing the Best Bistro with Quality Wooden FurnitureBasic Furniture Inside a Scandinavian House

Many people have been familiar with the concept of a Scandinavian house since the 50s. The concept of this house for Nordic people is about building structures, interiors, and wooden furniture designs. At least this concept will carry things like something aesthetic but minimalist, a design that emphasizes the function of the furniture, choosing light neutral colors but sometimes with muted dark hues, wooden accents everywhere, and natural lighting in a spacious room.

Flexible designs that lead to versatility are also the trademark of the wooden furniture in this house concept. Scandinavian house interiors generally require tables, chairs, cupboards, beds, and cabinets for neat storage with light designs that giva a pure enchanting impression.

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Aesthetic Minimalist Living Room

Let’s talk about a living room with a sofa that can accommodate 3 to 5 people and a coffee table that is lower than the sofa. We will wrap this selected teak wood sofa with super soft cushions that have adorable light colors. You can choose soft pink, pale beige, sage green, or even emerald green which is quite dark but muted. This sofa will be equivalent to a coffee table whose length you can adjust to the length of the sofa and other furniture such as a TV cabinet.

Apart from the sofa, you can also pick other chair designs such as armless lounge chairs that you make custom with a backseat that runs all the way from the body to the head and slim smooth legs. Meanwhile, for the table, you can make a table that resembles a wide suitcase with four shoty thick legs that seem to support it. Give the chairs and table a light color such as light brown, dark gray or bone white.

Single Color Wide Cabinet

A room in the Scandinavian concept is one that is not crowded with various items. It has natural lighting that comes from hanging lamps or naturally from outside the window. Therefore, if you want to place a cabinet as a multi-purpose storage area in a room, then you have to choose a wide cabinet with the right color.

The cabinet can be completely white with Jepara carved accents appearing on the front surface. While the size of the cabinet can reach the ceiling with dark colored drawer knobs such as black or shiny dark brown.

So, maybe you will need professional help to create a Scandinavian house concept with custom wooden furniture. You can contact us now for more details. We will bring you to the proper guide of designing custom wooden furniture.